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Newly Established Generic Pharmaceuticals Business Investment Opportunity in Anyang-si, South Korea

Business that will manufacture cosmetic injectables seeks funding to set up a manufacturing unit and begin operations.
- A business involved in manufacturing cosmetic injectables. - Business is still in the pre-revenue phase. - This is a subsidiary company held by a pharma marketing company that sells pharma and cosmetic products in 80 countries. - We will be setting up a manufacturing unit in South Korea. The land is yet to be finalized. - The property will be company owned and we expect operations to begin by next year. - We will be manufacturing 4 cosmetic injectables. These injectables can be used instead of undergoing plastic surgery. They are less expensive and serve the same purpose. - Our parent company will be the main purchaser of these products and will further sell them in different countries. - We will also be OEMs for various other companies. - Business does not own any physical assets.
8.1   Anyang-si , Gyeonggi-do
Run Rate Sales
Financial Investment
USD 7 Mn for 5% stake
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Online Marketplace Company Investment Opportunity in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Globally-oriented, innovative new concept retailer marketplace information search service via mobile / PC.
- The goal of our online information search service business is to meet the unmet Trade Area (TA) market information needs of two kinds of retailer group, i. e. , small / medium-sized retailers and to-be retailers (those planning to open new stores) by providing them with the useful and actionable key analytic TA information, easily accessible online via PC or mobile for a small nominal affordable cost. - To this end, we are developing a web-based system specifically designed for use primarily by the small / medium sized retailers / to-be retailers. This system will provide the above-mentioned two user groups with the key existing TA / new site market information arranged in a decision support mode at a small cost of either US$10 per search or a monthly fee of US$10 for the unlimited search. - We have the business team formed by the optimally qualified top experts, and have prepared all of the search contents and their service methods, as well as all system specifications working for more than 3 years. - At this point, a full-scale prototype system is being developed in India for use in demonstrating the needs and the value of this service. We can have the business launched in 4-5 months once we begin to develop the main system upon securing the necessary appropriate fund. - This service platform will provide the current retailers with the data analysis-based objective TA market information and the to-be retailers with the data-based analytic efficient Site location method. - Our core target customers / users in Korea include over 5.5 million small / medium sized retailers and to-be retailers. - Our revenue model is primarily based on the monthly membership fees and the per-TA information search charge, plus charges for the related relevant target marketing service and requested consultations. - Currently, we are a business at the pre-startup stage with no user and no revenues yet. However, our business revenues (eg in Korea) of US$1.5 million are expected in the 1st year of business operation including a 4-5 month system development period, about US$4.9 million with a profit margin of 60% in the 2nd year, US$13.6 million in the 3rd year with a profit margin of 69%, and US$26.2 million with a profit margin exceeding 70% in the 4th year of operation. - For reference, founder of our company is the 2nd-to-none top-notch expert in this particular business area with over 30 years of real-world experience working across the U. S. and Korea.
Globally-oriented, innovative new concept retailer marketplace information search service via mobile / PC.
9.7   Gyeonggi-do
Run Rate Sales
Financial Investment
KRW 500 Mn for 45% stake
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