Advertising and Marketing Company Investment Opportunity in Kozhikode, India

Ad-tech company with 24+ MNC clients developed hyper-local media ecosystem engaging consumers, influencers and advertisers.
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Run Rate Sales USD 27 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Industries Advertising and Marketing
Locations  Kozhikode
Local Time 10:19 AM India
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USD 140 thousand for 10.0% stake (Native Currency: INR 10,000,000)
Reason: We need funding for growth and for team development in marketing & IT software development and also ... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 34 thousand
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Business Overview

- We have built a hyperlocal consumer engagement platform that offer products that leads to awareness, consideration and conversion for our client's brand.

- Our platform will help transform the established hyper-local mediums such as point of sale advertising, out of home advertising, cinema and radio to deliver the right marketing mix seamlessly across these channels by integrating with web & mobile-based amplification thereby closing the loop. We are essentially a consumer first hyper-local customer engagement platform that is heavily driven by AI and data analytics.

- We provide the advertiser with a consumer engagement platform that offers their customers a new experience which leads to engagement and generates value. Advertisement becomes valuable to customers rather than blasting out communications.

- Advertisers get an entire framework of the customer journey from creating a marketing collateral, to driving traffic to their subsequent landing page and then drive traffic to their stores and eventually in-store engagement for customer retention and building loyalty.

- Engagement is triggered or primed by physical advertising screens in shopping malls, residential communities, corporate parks and outdoor areas with inputs coming in from a variety of data-points like the temperature, time, computed data, online information, demographic data and many more.

- We provide a universal CTA which can be integrated across various types of mass mediums and drive the consumer engagement from there-on. Action of consumers is continued with the help of a mobile based consumer engagement platform which in turn sends feedback to screens to optimize the display of ads. Our application is fully developed and ready to launch in the app store. However, the website is live and it can be accessed through mobile phones and desktops. All the services are provided through our website. The platform receives over 2,500 visitors on a daily basis.

- The consumer engagement platform supports integration with multiple mass-media platforms that can be either electronic or non-electronic to drive traffic. Store front, in store branding and zone branding also will be provided to drive conversions at point of sale. Above all, we provide add-on services to advertisers for traffic and engagement.

- For customer engagement, we have currently 3 types of products i. e. Scratch & Win, Shopping Party based on group buying concept, and Mood Board. A mood board heavily depends on the social element of the consumer and is hyper-local. Consumers can share their mood or their favorite product by scanning the QR code through our website and it will be displayed on the board for everyone to see. For the group buying, we encourage users to form groups and buy products while availing different benefits. Finally, for the scratch and win, consumers can scan a QR code or any call to action (CTA) after completing a purchase and avail awards after scratching a digital coupon. There are many variables of S&W available to suit the needs of the brands/store.

- We have worked with more than 24 MNCs like Flipkart, Amazon, HDFC bank and Myntra. Have access to over 65 screens with 4 large screens in Bangalore. The screens are present at two large malls in Bangalore and Calicut respectively and also at 23 residential locations.

- Our current team has 2 employees focused on marketing with the remaining 8 focused on the technological aspect.

- We generate revenue by charging a fixed fee of INR 15,000 per campaign and a variable fee depending on the level of engagement and number of customers.

- We have partnered with 10+ premium advertising agencies to promote our business but we primarily rely on direct selling.

- We are recognized as a startup by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.

- Additionally, we are incubated at IIM LIVE (Laboratory for Innovation, Venturing and Entrepreneurship), a business incubator and entrepreneurship development centre of IIM Kozhikode with the support of DST, Govt. of India. We are also a member of NASSCOM and have a patent that has been filed pending approval.

- The advertising analytics, campaign capabilities and overall delivery excellence has been vouched by agencies such as Dentsu, Publicis, Social Street and key brands and media analytics influencers.

- Founding team has a perfect mix of experience in advertising, technology, operations and entrepreneurship. Backed by a strong team of engineers and professionals having an overall experience of more than 10 decades, one of the co-founder has over 25 years of experience in operations and technology while the two other co-founders have over 12+ years of experience running their own digital marketing firm in the past.

Products & Services Overview

Our products are centered on the concept of initiating consumer engagement from various touch points which starts from electronic and non electronic mass media, personalized online advertising and point of sale. Hence our product can be instrumental to connect the consumer's entire journey which can lead to a purchase and customer retention.

Customer Engagement: - Our proven products include various types of scratch cards which get unlocked through different consumer/user actions and shopping parties which brings in the concept of group buying. Both the products have been used by established brands and have delivered tangible and intangible results of value.

Media integration: - We are able to amplify consumer engagement through captive intelligent advertising screens. This is done by having a state of the art Ad Delivery Network and a closed loop feedback system for consumer engagement. We are in the process of expanding our integration capabilities beyond electronic advertising screens.

Assets Overview

We hold the following valuable assets apart from some hard assets. Exclusive advertising rights in the second largest mall in Kerala and a popular mall in South Bengaluru. We also own and co-own hardware assets at these venues.

Patents: - We already a patent for our services and are in the process of acquiring patents for multiple innovations in the space of advertising, media and consumer engagement.

Consumer/user data: - We hold the consumer data including the behaviour analysis of the engagement zones. This data is enriched on a day-to-day basis.

Facilities Overview
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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