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Biotechnology Business Investment Opportunity in Benavente, Portugal

Biotech firm offering clean genetics (tissue-culture), GMP-processing for Medical Cannabis cultivators, and API-extractions to Pharma/FMCG.
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Established 1-5 year(s)
Employees 10 - 50
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Industries Pharmaceuticals + 1 more
Locations  Benavente
Local Time 10:07 AM Europe / Dublin
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Status Active
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Seeking Investment
USD 8 million for 16.0% stake (Native Currency: EUR 8,000,000)
Reason: Facility is at 85% of completion, until now debt-free, fully funded by the founders. Investment desi... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 2.6 million
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Business Overview

- Technologically advanced company that will offer tissue cultured genetics, GMP processing, and Cannabinoid APIs (Active Pharmaceutical ingredients).

- Founders collectively have 60+ years of experience in pharma and medical cannabis. Founders have achieved 8 licences in their previous ventures (GACP / GMP).

- GACP pre-licence granted April 2021, GACP successfully inspected by INFARMED, GMP application submitted & found satisfactory by INFARMED - GMP inspection date received from INFARMED +6 months window for inspection.

- Distribution partnership agreement signed with Segra International Corp. (Tissue Culture Genetics)

- Supply agreement signed with The Flowr Corp. (Biomass)

- EOIs signed with various licenced cultivators.

- As per our financial projections we will generate EUR 10 million in the 1st year.

- Expected EBITDA 1-year growth rate = 100%.

- Expected EBITDA 3-year growth rate = 385%.

- Sales of tissue-cultures plantlets will go live Q1 2022.

- GMP Processing services will go live Q2 2022.

- By 2023 the business will have a monthly revenue of €1.03M, and EBITDA profit margin of 60%

Products & Services Overview

- Sale of certified clean genetics/clones (tissue culture)

- GACP processing services: trimming, destemming, cryogenic freezing.

- GMP processing services: drying, sanitisation, curing, packaging, white labelling, GMP storage.

- GMP management services: product registrations, product releases, stability studies.

- Lab services: pharmaceutical standard lab with HPLC, rt qPCR.

- Manufacturing and supply of extractions/isolates of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients): we manufacture tailor-made API products to our clients' required specifications (in-house solventless extraction technology)

Assets Overview

Currently the facility is almost finalized in fit-out, with the following assets (including but not limited to; some assets in the list are owned in quantities higher than 1):

Standby boiler.

Freezer - 25 rental.

Extraction vessel with saw blade & driver.

Desiccant air control unit.

40ft transport refrigeration units.

Stainless steel drying cars and trays.

Extraction and transfer pump.

Fogger with extension.

Packaging machine with multi head weigher and work platform.

Julabo - temperature control units.

6 no. additional temperature control units.

Mobile manufacturing reactor 100L.

Stainless steel pneumatic pump.

GMP electrical power board.

Decanter & control unit.

1000L storage vessel.

700L storage vessel.

80L high-hressure mobile reactor.

Full ethanol extraction line.

Short path distillation unit.

GAFF filter system.

BHO extraction system.

PPR HVAC lines (various sizes)


Grinder Robo Coup.

Ultrasonic washer.

Pallet scales.

Standby generator 400KW.

Kosh store.

Fire tank & pump station.

Cryogenic freezer, containment & safety features.

Temp chiller.

Portable containers.

2000L jacketed vessel.

Reverse osmosis system.

OKI boiler.

Various irrigation tanks & pumps.

Cultivation grow system (lights, benches, fans, CO2, scales, AC's etc)

Electric forklift.

Main chiller & free cooling.

Air handling units & fans.

Turbo extraction fan.

Ultrasonic R&D.

Main ultrasonic.

Chromatography prep.

Chromatography analytical.

50L rotary evaporator with glassware.

Food grade flow sensor.

API fridge in GMP.

Freezer in warehouse.

Security cameras, sensors, headend system, perimeter beams etc.

Office equipment.

Facilities Overview

The company’s facility is established to carry out both GACP & EU-GMP operations. The facility is designed to ensure regulatory compliance for our pharmaceutical manufacturing areas to ensure optimisation for our processes and workflows. Our existing cleanroom and pre-licensed cultivation areas are fully automated and engineered to control the climate conditions including humidity, heating, and cooling; watering and optimal lighting considerations to ensure quality and safety. High-tech security systems have been installed all throughout the building to maintain effective control and supervision of all operations, this includes access control on all doors, CCTV, alarm sensors internally and along the perimeter of the building.

The facility currently has 4,000 sq m of factory space, with the possibility of an immediate increase by an additional 500 sq m through modular buildings if extra capacity is needed. Further, we have first rights on adjacent land to significantly increase the facility should we run out of capacity.

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