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Sale Of Successful pan India Brand In Outdoor Marketing (2,50,000 Hits Per Year)
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Global market Size of Out Door Advertising is set to touch USD 44 Billion. In India alone this accounts for Rs. 1,800 Crore which is growing at constant rate of 12 % pa. We are the online face of this Rs. 1,800 Crore Industry in India. Whenever an online search is performed for any state in India we appear right on the top of search page and the whole industry follows us.

We are India’s No. 1 most visited Outdoor company online which carries an inventory of more than 2.5 Lakh Hoarding Sites. Our USP is our company and website name which positions it as a national brand. Appears as No. 1 Rank on Search Engines. We are receiving an average of 2,50,000 online hits every year for the past 3 years. Detailed hit reports can be provided to an investor after the expression of interest. The whole model can be scaled up and replicated globally for each country at a minuscule cost. By virtue of our brand image we are known to be one of the few companies present nationally in outdoor media. Our USP is that we can reach target customers in every nook and corner of the country through outdoor marketing, hoardings and other related media. We are known as a one stop shop for launching Outdoor Campaigns anywhere and every where in India. We are a startup and a subsidiary brand launched by our parent company for this outdoor marketing, branding, hoarding business.

We have a monopoly in India as all websites bearing certain prominent business keywords and their various combinations are already acquired by us. So chances of competition replicating our process are next to zero. We collaborate with over 350 outdoor advertising and hoarding owners in India. We are en-cashing on the spaces already bought by them. We have listed these companies as our vendor. The inventory owned by our vendors is offered to the brands for their state or national level campaigns. The Brand will provide an excellent platform to its acquirer to position themselves as a Nations Largest Player in Outdoor Media. Also, it provides a framework for executing campaigns through a well knit vendor frame work. It is virtually impossible to create a brand / company like ours originally. The acquirer gets a ready-made brand / business which has immense potential to keep generating cash.

Our offer includes sale / lease of all websites under our flagship website and all the related similar sounding websites that are under our ownership. The scope of the sale of this transaction is restricted to brand, internet presence, websites, domains, strategy, vendor contacts and other intellectual assets only. Media options offered by us are Hoardings, Mobile Hoardings, Mall Branding and Airport Branding and the brand can be leveraged & scaled to other media options by the acquirer.


The revenue is not updated on the profile. We report revenue at a parent company level. The detailed numbers will be shared with the buyer post the initial discussion. Company generates revenue by below means.

I) Trading of the Outdoor Media that is buying media at a certain price and selling it at a price, the profit is the difference between the two. ii) Getting Commissions or discounts from the media seller. iii) Selling Ad spaces on our High traffic website. iv) Making a hoarding seller a registered member of our company and displaying his inventory and ad on our website.

The target acquirer partner can be:

I) Established global and national level media company in Print, TV Media, Online Advertising, Shopping and Travel Platforms who may want to diversify in Out Door Media Industry. ii) A State or regional level Outdoor marketing company who wants to launch itself on a national and global level. iii) New technology providers to the Outdoor media companies who want to provide an innovative product or service to the Indian Out Door Media Industry in a single shot (Such as Solar powered hoardings, Smart Hoardings or may be an Insurance company willing to insure hoardings on a national level. iv) A publishing house willing to focus on the Indian Outdoor Media Industry. v) Social advertising platforms such as face book or google, can acquire it and give value added services and integrated solution to its Indian clients.

Vi) An unrelated company or individual who wants to acquire a national identity and subsequently leverage and replicate it to a global level.

Products & Services Overview

Our Services Include Hoardings, Mobile Hoardings, Mall Branding and Airport Branding. Basically, all kinds of outdoor at national / state / city level is undertaken by us. The brand can be leveraged & scaled to other media options by the acquirer.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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