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Ecommerce Website Investment Opportunity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Upcoming e-commerce B2B portal with projected 55% ARR offering lucrative 8-year equity buyback to investors.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 1-5 year(s)
Employees 10 - 50
Legal Entity Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Reported Sales Nil
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Industries Ecommerce Websites
Locations  Dubai
Local Time 10:17 AM Asia / Dubai
Listed By Management Member
Status Moderately Active
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Partial Stake Sale
USD 4 million for 17.0% stake (Native Currency: USD 4,000,000)
Reason: Need funds to market the platform post its hard launch and sustain it. Even though COVID-19 signific... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 1.1 million
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Business Overview

- B2B wholesale trading platform for goods and services.

- Target market: GCC, Europe, India, China, Southeast Asia, and CIS (Central Asia) countries. In the future, plan to enter the American and African markets to connect the whole world to our platform.

- Platform will be in English, Arabic, Chinese and Russian languages.

- Platform has been under-development for the past 3 years and will be launched in the coming weeks.

- Total cost for 8 years as per the cost method (estimation) is USD 100 million.

- Average annual sales for the next 8 years are projected at USD 23 million.

- Projected ARR of 55% in the next 8 years.

- Number of users by the end of year 8 is projected to be 128.8 thousand suppliers (sellers) of goods and services and about 8.5 million buyers.

- 3 planned revenue streams:

• Advertising like other marketplaces.

• Paid subscription for sellers.

• Additional paid professional services for both buyers and sellers on the platform.

- No bank loans in the name of the company.

- Company has one owner with 100% equity.

Our platform aims to:

• Cater to a wide international market with large unsatisfied demand.

• Trade both goods and services on the same platform.

• Be multilingual and have a high-quality translation system.

• Integrated with a CRM system and content management system.

- Platform developed with the help of both third-party and in-house developers.

- We have highly qualified staff and developers and used the latest available technology for our platform.

- Project initiator (company owner) has successful experience in organizing several businesses.

Products & Services Overview

International trade and information platform that combines an e-commerce B2B portal and a service portal.

After the successful launch of the platform, It is planned to expand, gradually develop and launch web platforms for recruitment, searching, renting, and purchasing real estate, and vehicles, purchasing tickets, booking hotels, ordering a taxi, creating a messenger, and a social network.

Assets Overview

Tangible assets include:

- Company-owned property worth USD 500,000 (office in JLT of 217 sq. m. )

- Two cars worth USD 220,000.

- Furniture and appliances of the office worth USD 400k (25 computers).

Intangible assets include:

- Registered company in Dubai.

- Registered trademark in UAE.

- Ready business plan.

- Preliminarily market research has been done.

- The number and list of the staff and developers of the project have been determined.

- Contract with a European IT company for app development services has been signed.

- Ready description of the interface and design of the website’s work.

- Terms of reference of the project.

- Website domain.

Facilities Overview

1-floor company-owned office in Dubai with a built-up area of 217 sq. m.

Capitalization Overview
Not Disclosed
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