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Firm which developed online competency assessment tool for individuals, students, teachers, etc. seeking investment.

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Business Overview

- Company has developed an online tool which checks the competencies of people, teachers, students, etc.

- This has applications in education, in job placement, etc.

- So far, 400,000 people have taken competency tests in 5 years.

- Corporates such as Cognizant, Dell, HP, Volkswagen, Volvo, NXP, Coca-Cola, etc. are clients.

- Tied up with VTU (Visvesharaya Technological University) to conduct tests for students.

- Authorized partner with BSS (Bharath Sevak Samaj)

Products & Services Overview

1. Emerging strengths analysis (good for students from 5th - 9th standard. Identify and measure 25 competencies in a student and list out top 10 of them. This report explains the emerging patterns of a student and accordingly suggest his natural inclination. It will also give a hint about what careers he is good at, what higher studies he can go for and what to be avoided. This report will help the parents to understand, in advance, what the child is heading for.

2. Career Assessment (detailed report – good for 10th std onwards: This report will explain in detail, the career path of the student with respect to his skill set, multiple career options, strengths, areas for improvements, what needs to be avoided, top competencies etc.

3. Competency mapping (good for engineering and other prof. students: According to world bank survey there are minimum 20 competencies required in engineering students such as analytical skills, problem solving, communication, creativity etc. We can measure all of them and map to their stream of studies. From this it is possible to identify the gap (gap analysis) and plan the training programs in advance to make the students industry ready.

4. Know your teachers (KYT: we have a special program called KYT. This will measure the competencies required in a teacher. ISCO (international standard classification of occupation) developed by ILO (international labour organization) under UN has defined the parameters required in teaching staff such as presentation skill, research sill, student motivation etc. We can measure all these skills to check if the teacher really has the passion for teaching. Once these parameters are measured it is possible to identify the training requirements and plan suitable training programs for the teachers. Please check the attachment KYT for more details.

5. Stress Level Assessment: We can measure various patterns that cause stress in a person. If this patterns are above certain level, accordingly we can plan the training program for that person. The cause of stress in everyone is not same.

6. Job fit analysis (good for corporate staff: Before recruitment, the competency can be mapped against the requirement of each job so that companies can hire the right fit person for the job (Please check the attachment corporate PPT for more details.

7. Training need analysis (good for corporate staff before training: Everyone needs training with respect to the job. In order to give focused and effective training one has to be assessed first to see what he needs to be trained on (please find the attachment)

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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