Globally Patented & Branded Chewing Gum Company for Sale in United States

Globally Patented & Branded Chewing Gum that Ensures an Accurate DUI Field Sobriety Reading.

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Business Overview

In 2012, a DUI attorney witnessed firsthand the harmful effects of a false DUI arrest. He went on a mission to solve this problem and found the answer in a former State Trooper and DUI expert who shared the same concerns.

A partnership was immediately formed to help minimize and eradicate the possibility of being subjected to a false DUI arrest due to a virtually unknown problem to the motoring public called Residual Mouth Alcohol.

They then began a journey that lasted over a year, searching for the perfect medical professional to make this idea become a reality.

Through this lengthy process, they found the solution in a top surgeon (MD FACS) in Beverly Hills, California, who has roots in Georgia as a practicing physician, as well as a background in chemistry and human physiology.

Once the team was formed, the three spent more than a year researching and developing the formula that would only absorb the residual alcohol from the oral cavity (mouth) and have no impact on a person’s true Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

Products & Services Overview

Chewing Gum, Wafer, and Medicinal Powder Sold Under the Branded Names of the product that Effectively Solves 2 Huge Problems:

The gum removes residual mouth alcohol left behind in the oral cavity after alcohol consumption to ensure a reliable and accurate breathalyzer field sobriety reading. A breathalyzer test for DUI is administered to accurately measure the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of an individual, not the level of alcohol remaining in the oral cavity. In addition, mouth sprays, belching, asthma inhalers and vomit for example will give a false positive DUI reading. Chewing the Gum before a breathalyzer test will ensure an accurate field reading.

This is the only patented and clinically tested product that has been proven to effectively reduces the risk of false positives on roadside breathalyzer tests and achieve a clinical reduction in mouth levels.

**Gum only absorbs the residual alcohol from the oral cavity (mouth) and has no impact on a persons true Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC).

The Gum Removes All Pre-Cancerous Residual Components And Traces Of Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana And Other Toxic Chemicals left behind in the oral cavity after consumption.

It is a well know fact that all these toxic carcinogens can cause cancers of the oral and upper digestive system.

*This is the only patented and clinically tested product that has achieved a clinical reduction in mouth levels to toxic carcinogens.

This companies proven effective non-pharmaceutical over the counter chewing gum should be available over the counter wherever gum is sold.

In addition, vending machines will be setup in Restaurants, Bars, Colleges & Universities and many other places to sell both the gum and the wafers for consumers to test blood alcohol levels themselves after alcohol consumption.

These vending machines will also carry advertising as another avenue of revenue.

Current Operations:

A domestic vending and licensing company has recently been identified and signed who has taken the lead in licensing, distributing and managing all products and relationships in the top 10 DUI cities in the US.

An agreement has been signed with an Australia based corporation who is the first International licensee.

This aggressive licensee will begin distributing product in Australian convenience stores and is considering negotiating for additional licenses in Asia, New Zealand and Europe in the near future.

A European E-Commerce partner has recently started distributing product in London via Amazon and other online Pharma Sites.

Clinical Studies:

The products group recently completed independent and controlled clinical studies at both Emory University and The Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University. Both studies determined that the Products clinically and significantly reduced residual mouth alcohol and reduced false positives on road side breathalyzer machines in a controlled environment. This study was independently reviewed by law enforcement and all results were confirmed. The product has recently received 3rd party validation from local law enforcement as well.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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