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Holding Company Investment Opportunity in Belgrade, Serbia

Invest in a specialized platform connecting investors with Balkan start-ups and business ideas.
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Industries Online Marketplace + 1 more
Locations  Belgrade
Local Time 10:34 AM Europe / Belgrade
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Status Active
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USD 45 thousand for 50.0% stake (Native Currency: RSD 5,000,000)
Reason: We need a business partner and funding to promote our platform, hire a team, and establish an office... View More
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Business Overview

A fresh, transformative venture set to redefine the Balkan investment sphere. Here's a distilled snapshot of our enterprise:

- Strategic Mission: Anchored in a strong vision, we aim to be the conduit connecting global investors with the Balkan's latent innovative prowess.

- Diverse portfolio: We're spearheading numerous groundbreaking endeavors, from global mobile apps and avant-garde AI software to enthralling TV series productions. Additionally, our footprint will extend to nightlife, music, food chains, coffee bars, and many else diversifying our impact both locally in Belgrade and globally.

Profit potential: We forecast robust returns from our planned portfolio, estimated to reap substantial percentages over initial investments. For an immersive dive into our projects, we welcome stakeholders to explore our website or connect directly with us.

- Collaboration-first approach: We champion a symbiotic relationship between the innovator and investor. By partnering with us, investors catalyze a business concept's actualization within contractually agreed timelines. We will find investors for concepts and ideas and acquire around 30% of the original intellectual stake in each idea/concept.

- Cost & talent edge: Our unique edge lies in harnessing the Balkans' cost-efficient, top-tier talent, ensuring our projects resonate in innovation and fiscal prudence.

- Experienced Leadership: While we are nascent, our underpinning is rock-solid, thanks to our founder's seasoned insights into the startup ecosystem.

- Investment opportunity: We're extending an invitation for investors to acquire a significant 50% stake in our company for a EUR 50,000 investment, primarily earmarked for amplifying our marketing endeavors.

- Growth commitment: Our north star is building enduring relationships within the investor and creator community, continuously driving growth and value.

Our company, though in its early stages, presents a potent blend of clear vision, commitment, and a distinct market niche, making it an enticing prospect for discerning investors.

Products & Services Overview

Our premier service is a specialized platform that connects potential investors with a curated list of innovators from the Balkans. We spot or acquire potential ideas, refine them to perfection, and collaborate with investors to materialize them, all within a pre-defined timeline and budget.

Some of the ideas/concepts available to us right now, are:

• Dating Al application where one can immerse oneself in the fast-paced domain of online dating via the Date Al application. This state-of-the-art platform, powered by AI and sophisticated algorithms, promises users an unmatched personalized dating experience. As the digital dating sphere expands, the return on investment for this venture is promising, with revenues expected from multiple channels including user subscriptions and ads. We'll help this innovation find an investor for EUR 50k, and get some stake in the idea in exchange.

• Next-gen clubbing, this venture combines the best of IT and clubbing, offering not just profitability but the potential for franchising. Advanced technologies and fresh concepts promise patrons an experience like never before. With a franchise-ready model, this endeavor promises steady revenues and a strong foothold in the entertainment market. We'll help this innovation find an investor for EUR 150k, and get some stake in the idea in exchange.

• Captivating TV Series: For the entertainment aficionados, we're producing a TV series pilot. The narrative, high-quality production, and a cast of talented actors assure a storyline that will ensnare audiences, with potential for further episodes and funding.

• Fashion forward: We're poised to launch a fashion brand with an iconic signature name that promises to resonate with its target audience. This brand is envisioned to be a trendsetter, catering to the modern consumer. Additionally, an in-house manufacturing unit ensures impeccable quality, laying the foundation for a brand that's set to have a widespread following.

Furthermore, we're presenting an exclusive opportunity for those keen on deeper collaboration.

Assets Overview

Website, we are in early Start Up stage.

Facilities Overview

As we embark on our journey, we are in the process of finalizing an ideal office location in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia. Here's a glimpse into our vision:

Strategic Location: While the exact location is being finalized, our aim is to secure a spot that offers easy accessibility and is well-connected, ensuring convenience for our team and visiting stakeholders.

Office vision: We envision an office space that is both functional and inspiring. Covering an estimated area suitable for our initial operations, it will be designed to encourage collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Commitment to Belgrade: Choosing Belgrade as our operational base is a strategic decision. The city's reputation as a hub for innovation and commerce in Serbia aligns perfectly with our mission to bridge the gap between investors and innovators from the Balkans.

Future amenities & features: Once established, our office will be equipped with modern amenities to foster a productive and comfortable working environment.

Next steps: We are actively exploring potential sites and are committed to finalizing our Belgrade office location soon. Announcements and updates will be shared with our stakeholders in due course.

Our upcoming establishment in Belgrade is a testament to our dedication and belief in our company's potential for success.

Right now, we operate from the founder's home in Belgrade, Serbia.

Capitalization Overview

- The business is currently self-funded.

- We are proud to state that we have no outstanding debts or loans, as we've just commenced operations.

- The entire ownership of the business lies with a single owner, ensuring streamlined decision-making and a unified vision for the company's future.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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