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Newly Established Contractors Company Investment Opportunity in Malé, Maldives

Well-established real estate company seeks investment for a commercial real estate project.
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Established 0-1 year(s)
Employees 10 - 50
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales Nil
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Industries Contractors
Locations  Malé
Local Time 6:09 PM Indian / Maldives
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Active
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Seeking Investment
USD 200 thousand for 40.0% stake (Native Currency: MVR 3,200,000)
Reason: Funds are required as a working capital requirement for the project and construction of the building... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 500 thousand
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Business Overview

- We are professional construction and engineering company, property developer, and trader based in the Maldives.

- Our company was registered in 2015. We actively started the company in 2018 and since then we are specialized in building construction and general contracting in the Maldives.

- We have a good online presence to market our business.

- In the past years, we have leased two small residential properties for the long term in Male City and got a good return and know how the market works personally.

- We have completed more than 60 construction projects from renovation, interiors of apartments, cafes, commercial units, hotels, s, and building construction.

- Our main clients are residential property owners and individuals.

- We won two government tenders and intend to get into more tenders in the future.

- Over the years we have created a trustable and reputable brand as a high-quality construction company.

- Due to the high growth potential of commercial real estate our company will be diversifying more into commercial real estate.

- As per our next strategic move, we secured and leased a 1,100 sqft property from a prime location in Male City.

- We have leased the property for 34 years (excluding 03 years development period).

- The agreement with the property owner is very secure and every risk is taken into account.

- Due diligence of the property and owner was done prior to the signing of the contract and the contract was notarized.

- As per the lease contract with the property owner we have to develop 10 storey foundation and 5 floors.

- We will get 3 floors (ground, first, second) for the long term and hand over 2 residential floors (third and fourth) to the property owner.

- Property owners will later develop the rest of the property (6th - 10th floor and common services) with their own funds/loan financing.

- Our part of the project is worth MVR 8,000,000 (MVR 7,500,000 is BOQ value and MVR 500,000.00 is for project-related expenses: living support to owners during the development period, contractors insurance, drawing set, and other administrative work).

- We will finance 60% with our company finance and 40% through an investor.

- All the floors we lease will be commercial floors and will be rented to tenants for monthly rent for commercial activities such as shops, restaurants, cafes, warehouses, showrooms, salons, or other interesting businesses.

- We can generate a monthly rent of at least MVR 100,000 from these 3 floors.

- Commercial unit rents are forecasted to remain stable and in high demand as businesses actively seek for good size places to conduct their businesses.

- The investor has to finance a fixed investment value of MVR 3,200,000.00 / 40% of the project.

- We will use these funds along with our own funds to construct and complete the property.

- Investor can start earning from the property within 6-8 months from the investment date as we intend to rent it as soon as construction of these floors is complete. As of now, we have started the project.

Investment return option 1:

1. Investor will get a fixed MVR 35,000/ month (which will be MVR 14,700,000 for the lease period of 35 years) from the developer. We can lease during the development period.

2. Investor can recover their investment within 7.6 years.

3. Return on investment from this project will be 359%. or 10.2% return on investment per annum.

4. Investor will remain as a sleeping partner of this project and earn a fixed income. The investor does not need to get involved in any risk or operations.

Investment Return Option 2:

1. Income from the property will be deposited to a joint bank account and distributed monthly as per the following:

55% of income to the developer.

5% of income to the developer as property maintenance fee (external and internal maintenance and upkeep, renovation, insurance)

40% of income to investors.

2. Investor will be involved in tenant selection, tenant change, security deposit management, etc.

Investment Return Option 3:

1. We will lease the first floor and 40% of the second floor (which can be divided into two units) to the investor under their own name. Investor can rent or sell lease to potential buyers as a separate party. We will pass investor all the rights to rent or lease for the long term. Investor can generate an estimated monthly rent of MVR 38,000 - MVR 45,000 from these units.

2. Investor must handle and maintain their units.

- This is a hassle free way to get into commercial real estate in the Maldives & is a good opportunity to earn passive income, expand and diversify investors income portfolios.

- Unlike other businesses investor does not need to be active and a stable income will keep flowing from the property.

- Except for initial capital, no further capital needs to be invested into the property.

- As a trustable partner, we can assist investor to find feasible properties for long term development, real estate and hotel partnerships with us, get involved for strategic alliances, and enable more opportunities to invest in real estate, hotel and tourism market of Maldives.

- Project update: We have completed the official drawing set of the property, contractors insurance, construction licenses and permits.

- We officially began construction with our own finance on 20th August 2022 and the project will take a total of 18 months to complete.

- Now we are doing groundwork prior to foundation works.

- We are also actively giving monthly living support of MVR 22,000 for owners during the development period.

- We will construct the building with the best methods, materials and quality for a durable building.

- Investor will be updated regularly about the project and the work schedule.

- Lease contract with the property owner will be shared with the investor after signing an NDA.

- Similar type of commercial real estate is widely carried by many companies in the Greater Male Area (the economic powerhouse) of Maldives and good return on investment and growth potential have been very high.

- We are seeking finance from private investors as banks charge huge interest rates per for loans which are not feasible for this project as monthly repayment is very high.

- The company has two directors with a 25% and 75% stake distribution.

- The business has no outstanding debts or liabilities.

- The executive and project director of the company has a vast experience in the construction and real estate field.

Products & Services Overview

We are a real estate company seeking investment for construction of a 5 storey building.

Assets Overview

Physical assets include office setup, construction material, supplies, equipment, 1 warehouse, construction tools, and machines.

Intangible assets include a team of professional workers.

Facilities Overview

We have an office on a rental basis with an area of 600 sq ft.

Capitalization Overview
Not Disclosed
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