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Building an online marketplace to find and book co-working spaces across India.
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Our platform seeks to bridge gap between users and providers. Users include freelancers, startups, students, SMEs and large enterprises. The providers include co-working spaces, co-cafes, incubators and accelerators. The website is ready to go live. Revenue model: Subscription and commission.

A) The primary problems faced by the users are:

1. Customization of co-working spaces: Currently users cannot find the perfect coworking space that fits their unique taste, constraint and coworking community preferences.

2. Hassle-free online: People cannot instantly find detailed reviews and other essential info about different coworking spaces or even be able to book a coworking space online from their homes. There is currently a genuinely surprising level of hassle present in comparing details of different coworking spaces, settling on one that we think will satisfy our requirements, stressing out while negotiating a reasonable rate, and then finally booking the space. Our platform lets the user do all this efficiently on one web portal without any worries or inconvenience, all from the comfort of home.

3. Comparative Analysis: People are currently unable to compare all the desired details of multiple coworking spaces side-by-side. Without this game-changing analytical technology, the user simply never arrives at a coworking space that fulfils their tastes, constraints (financial or otherwise) and coworking community preferences all at once. Recognizing this considerable problem, we have incorporated an incredibly smooth-functioning comparative analysis tool in our web portal.

4. Ease of Expansion: Expansion of startups, SME’s and large enterprises to new regions are hindered due to the constant threat of either setting up expensive offices (and then maintaining them) or taking long and costly leases from traditional office space developers (and then maintaining them, again). Our platform works a way around this issue by ensuring that the user is connected to a coworking space that offers much shorter leases, offers the desired office size and amenities, and also maintains the workspace itself so that the user can focus on expansion without worrying about the costs of the lack of mobility and flexibility.

B) As for the providers:

1. No link to target customers: Coworking space providers, co-cafes, incubators and accelerators currently have no ideal marketplace to meet and attract their target customers.

2. Extra expenses in targeted marketing: Space providers have to hire extra PR & marketing staff and incur significant expenses to market their business by themselves. The returns on such marketing are not impressive. We accommodate the power to get coworking spaces featured on the web portal to give much-needed momentum to marketing efforts.

3. No scope for improvement in the right direction: Space providers cannot, at the moment, improve their services by a meaningful amount or in a meaningful direction. This is due to the lack of a feedback mechanism like user ratings and reviews, which is something that ranks among the most valued and useful features on our web portal.

4. No significant business expansion opportunities: Space providers cannot avail of any impactful business expansion opportunities. Even though the coworking sector is a lucrative business to get into due to a marked shift in its favor that continues to gather momentum as we speak, there is a point at which every coworking developer’s business approaches saturation. We offer such an innovative array of online marketing-oriented tools and services to providers that they acquire a realistic surety of a steady stream of users coming their way.

The company owns codes of the platform, laptop, furniture and system.

Products & Services Overview

1. Brokerage.

2. Subscription packages.

3. Advisory.

4. Data analytics tools.

5. Enterprise business solution.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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