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Payment Services Business for Sale in Delhi, India

Company that provides a turn-key setup for payment aggregator business from scratch.
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Established 5-10 year(s)
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Industries Payment Services
Locations  Delhi
Local Time 11:34 PM Asia / Kolkata
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Asking Price: USD 100 thousand (Native Currency: INR 8,000,000)
Reason: Turn key setup of payment aggregator business from scratch.
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Business Overview

Offer - To set up a new payment aggregator or payment gateway business (turnkey setup from scratch with existing source code licence).

- Please note: As per RBI's latest notification, payment aggregator businesses must maintain paid-up capital of INR 25 crore. (NA for Non-Indian Clients)

- We may require proof of funds to start your project of a new payment aggregator as per the latest RBI guidelines.

- Technology setup: We will set up the full technology with its source code via our licence to your dedicated AWS server for customization.

- It would cost you a couple of months and over INR 10 crore to build your technology from scratch; This would also be why Most payment aggregators could not survive due to a lack of technology.

- Our technology has various popular functions such as merchant onboarding, reseller account, admin account, and fully ready developer page with generated integration code. Our technology can generate a Fastpay link and payment checkout page for n number of payment methods on checkout pages, such as a credit card, debit card, and net banking & e-wallet processing system.

- Our technology is built with PHP and MySQL DB with the capacity to manage a large transaction flow via dynamic routing through a load balancer.

- PCI DSS certification: We will perform the first-year PCI DSS level 1 certification and get the PCI certificate issued to you within 60 - 90 days. Usually, the cost of PCI DSS is about INR 5 lakhs with a minimum of 6-18 months of developer effort, which costs up to INR 30 lakh for the first time. This is a mandatory requirement for payment aggregator businesses.

Add-ons with their prices (These are not included in the selling price of INR 65 lakh)

- Introduction with an Indian acquirer to facilitate acquiring services to process credit cards, debit cards, net banking & e-wallet payments for your merchants. Price - INR 1 lakh.

- Introduction for Escrow account provider for merchant settlements via API. Price - INR 1 lakh.

- Introduction for creating a UPI handle to collect the UPI payments with your own UPI handle. Price - INR 1 lakh.

- Introduction for a virtual bank account system to collect the payment via IMPS or NEFT for your merchants at no cost. Price - INR 1 lakh.

- Introduction to a law firm to prepare the merchant processing agreement, NDA, reseller agreement, CDD policy, and AML policy, among others. Price - INR 25,000.

- Introduction to a law firm to apply for a licence with RBI. We would help connect a law firm experienced in such projects—price - INR 25,000.

- Monthly patch update service—price - INR 1 lakh.

- Monthly human resource service. Price - INR 1-3 lakh.

- Monthly technical resource service. Price - INR 2-5 lakh.

- Payout module with compatibility of the above module. Price - INR 25 lakh.

- QR module with compatibility of the above module. Price - INR 15 lakh.

- SAR for data localization & storage of payment system data. Price - INR 5 lakh.

- Additional monthly support as per requirements.

Our company has implemented and licensed over 35 payment gateways so far and completed many PCI DSS certifications with various QSA's nationwide.

Products & Services Overview

Fully functional payment gateway platform with PCI DSS certification.

Assets Overview

No physical assets included.

Intangible assets include:

- Payment gateway/payment aggregator platform.

- Payment gateway technology with source code.

- Full admin access to technology connection.

- Fully functional API page for merchant API integration.

- PCI DSS certification and PCI DSS AOC.

- Quarterly scan from PCI-approved vendor.

- Application VAPT report for PCI certifications.

- PCI DSS policies along with network diagram and data flow diagram.

- Various available plugins for easy integration.

- Introduction services for various services.

Facilities Overview

Do not have an office facility, since this is a turn-key setup for a new payment gateway business.

Capitalization Overview

Self funding business along with the self developed code to be used for upcoming PA business, who wish to acquirer the software.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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