Profitable Digital Marketing Startup Investment Opportunity in Benowa, Australia

Proprietary SaaS platform & licensed distributor for ReturnMe, seeking strategic investors with good networks.
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USD 360 thousand for 25.0% stake (Native Currency: AUD 500,000)
Reason: We are live operating business. The funds will be primarily used on marketing to grow in Australia a... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 14 thousand
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Business Overview

- We offer Vcard (e-business card) platform to our clientele. It is based on a low cost subscription model i. e. AUD 4.99 per month and is SMS enabled, no app download. New features include upload videos, calendar booking, and import contacts to CRM based on consumer demand, lead generating tool.

- We have 100 monthly subscribers under this model from 20 days Facebook advertising. If we consider the subscribers from our sister firm that is based in New Zealand, we have over 1,500 monthly subscribers.

- Since COVID, this product has been launched live in 5 countries that include New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, and UK.

- We also developed a native app that enables P2P (peer to peer) encrypted calls. We have finished beta testing and finalized the UI design. This technology will operate through any browser on a desktop, laptop and mobile. It is enabled with IP address to IP address encryption. The subscription fees range from AUD 0.99 to AUD 2.99 per month and it will be live in 2 weeks in App Store.

- We have the intellectual property rights for these products and they are sold under our proprietary brand.

- We also have country distributor rights to ReturnMe, the world's largest global lost & found recovery company, for AU, NZ, UAE, and UK. USA and Canada as a re-seller. Their products include a digital security tag and a COVID-19 touch-aid protection product. It operates on a referral basis, white-labeled with customers entering a promo code when registering on ReturnMe. We are targeting corporates mainly.

- Customer acquisition is undertaken through social media advertising for lead generating, then e-mail marketing conversion funnel. The customers that have registered for the Vcard will receive e-mail communication regarding the ReturnMe products. Our next offering will be offered as a bundle. The business receives a commission of 50% on the net profit.

- We are currently undertaking a social media and digital marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram for our Vcard services within Australia. The business has tied up with a third party digital marketing firm for this purpose.

- The business has not taken on any debt.

- The EBITDA margin of the business is high since it is an asset-light model with low overheads (few salaried employees).

- Run rate sales have dropped due to the ongoing pandemic situation but will bounce back as it is contactless, low-cost and easy.

- The business has a high valuation expectation considering the business model, the scope of growth, and no competition with our unique offering.

- The promoter has a separate registered entity in New Zealand that provides Vcard services. The investor will be receiving a stake in the Australian entity.

- Promoter has over 25 years of business experience. They have prior experience running a txt payment parking company, mobile e-wallet / remittance, and bulk SMS engine based firms.

Products & Services Overview

- VCard (e-business card) platform that is SMS enabled to our clientele.

- P2P (peer to peer) encrypted calls.

- Security tag (worldwide lost and found recovery) with lifetime cover.

- Touch aid COVID-19 protection product.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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