Sports Coaching Company Investment Opportunity in Roswell, United States

NCAA-compliant app connects parents of youth athletes with local NCAA athletes for sports training.
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Business Overview

- Our company operates within the exciting intersection between sports and technology, providing compliant mobile solutions to NCAA athletes, universities, and young, aspiring athletes.

- In short, our platform allows NCAA athletes (around 40-50) to connect with local parents of youth athletes and earn money providing one-on-one training services to those youth athletes. Importantly, we presented our platform to the NCAA, and Division I, II, III institutions throughout the country (including the University of Georgia, Penn State, Georgia Tech, University of Florida, University of Illinois and the list goes on), all of which confirmed the platform is compliant with NCAA rules, allowing us to on-board NCAA athletes. We maintain a positive, open dialogue with the NCAA and its member institutions.

- There are approx. 200+ users signed up on our platform which includes 40-50 NCAA athletes and 150-160 parents of young sports enthusiasts. The classes are offered offline and the venue is decided by the athletes and the parents. We charge a subscription fee for NCAA athletes to register and provide services through our platform and the parents are charged a service fee by the athletes out of which we take a commission.

- During our market testing phase, about 11% of the NCAA athletes at a "test University" signed up to provide training services. With over 480,000 NCAA athletes in the US, we are excited to maintain that customer acquisition rate. Athletes around the country are beginning to sign up through organic, word of mouth interest in the app, and compliance offices at various universities have begun to organically reach out about including their athletes.

- Our reputation as a trustworthy platform is beginning to pay dividends. The platform is fully functional and has facilitated training sessions in our test markets. The key now is sales and marketing execution. We could not be more thrilled about the timing, given the upcoming NCAA rule changes regarding name, image, and likeness of NCAA athletes. Our company has been and will continue to be a part of that conversation.

- Importantly, we are an early-stage startup. Thus, up to this point, most of our time was spent testing the platform, ensuring that a market exists, and establishing a trustworthy relationship with the NCAA and member schools - all of which has been successful. That said, because our business model relies on volume and because testing thus far remained intentionally small scale (specially with COVID-19 still hindering the sports world), our revenue is low. However, as word begins to spread, and as we refine our sales and marketing efforts to ensure the app reaches more athletes, we expect revenue to multiply rapidly. In short, we want to ensure we have the resources to support the impending marketing efforts and subsequent influx of users.

- As a company providing a solution to the hot button "student athlete compensation" issue, our brand and solution has the potential to go viral - several small media outlets have already written stories about our mission.

Products & Services Overview

1. B2C gig economy mobile product connecting customers (parents of young athletes/sports enthusiasts) and service providers (NCAA athletes).

2. B2B reporting platform for member institutions.

Assets Overview

Investor will be receiving intangible assets that include a mobile app (App Store and Google Play Store), website, source code, compliance portal, back-end database, UI/UX Documentation, trademark protection for logo in GA, User Notification Directory, users / user data, NCAA university spreadsheets with data on number of athletes, location, and conference, documentation, GSuite, domain name, social media handles, insurance policies (general and professional), brand videos, branding / brand book - logos and fonts to use in content.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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