Take Away Investment Opportunity in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

QSR concept in Riyadh serving quick bites made with flavors from around the world.
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Run Rate Sales USD 320 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 - 30 %
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Locations  Riyadh
Local Time 1:17 PM Saudi Arabia
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USD 110 thousand for 50.0% stake (Native Currency: SAR 400,000)
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Includes physical assets worth USD 120 thousand
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- Our quick bites are popular among customers who are tired of same old burger, shawarma & pizza and are looking for a change.

- Our customers appreciate a new kind of offering that satiates their desire for a tasty and juicy experience like a burger while being compact and easy to enjoy like a shawarma (aka kabab or doner in other parts of the world). We have taken the best of both worlds and offer something better than the sum of the parts.

- In addition, we aim to offer true value for money with right quality at a price point that can serve market at large rather than an upmarket clientele limited by price points of certain premium brand offerings that claim to offer similar experiences.

Our concept is based around:

- Unique flavors with tastes from cuisines around the world such as American, Mediterranean, South Asian, Far East and other region applied on meats, both chicken and beef served in a healthy grilled (lava rock) format.

- Signature home-made bread that is prepared daily and has little fat but a delicious and light taste. It comes in both plain and stuffed format with shredded Cheddar cheese.

- Freshly prepared home-made sauces bringing different tastes and spices to have the ultimate taste and experience with every bite.

- All the above are rolled into delicious rolls / wraps for serving and it's in-line with our brand concept. The brand by design has a lot of room for further development and growth.

Key highlights:

- Our business is primarily a takeaway & delivery concept but also have a compact dining facility for 12 customers.

- Have tie-ups with Careem NOW, HungerStation and Jahez for delivery service.

- We offer grilled chicken and beef roll sandwiches in our custom bread and home made sauces.

- On average, we receive 50+ orders per day. We have accumulated a loyal customer base over the last 2 years. Some of our customers travel a long distance to experience our taste.

- Our special bread is prepared daily giving a fresh taste every time (and still tastes great when re-heated a day later)

- Have already established credit terms with key suppliers which would help us during expansion.

- Business owned assets include kitchen equipment and furniture.

Customer profile:

- Each of our customer spends SAR 40-50 on an average. Our customers are health conscious and prefers to eat fresh products with a light taste.

- We have consistent requests for deliveries from distant locations which remain unfulfilled potential at our current location.

Other important highlights:

- Our homegrown QSR concept has been designed and developed by an international team of experts in the restaurant and hospitality business (internationally renowned chef, operational consultant, branding and design consultants) specifically with quality, experience, growth and scalability in mind.

- Since inception, thousands of people have fallen in love with our gorgeous recipes and mouthwatering tastes. The quality of our offering is based on use of the highest quality ingredients and use of fresh meats (chilled not frozen) with no compromise on taste.

- We bring together a unique blend of influences, ingredients and flavors from the world’s street food capitals. We currently have 1 store in Riyadh and are ready to scale up with an expert team ready to take on additional responsibility at new locations. We would like to look for opportunities to expand the outlets further through strategic partners / investors.

Products & Services Overview

Rolls (wraps), starters, grilled kebabs, sides, sauces, family and group combos, kids meal.

Facilities Overview
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