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Water Purifiers Company for Sale in Brandenburg, Germany

A state-of-the-art facility specializing in Meltblown filter production, with significant expansion potential and ready-to-operate machines.
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Established 1-5 year(s)
Employees < 2
Legal Entity Limited Liability Company (LLC)
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Industries Industrial Filters + 1 more
Locations  Brandenburg
Local Time 4:51 PM Europe / Berlin
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Status Active
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Full Sale
Asking Price: USD 6 million (Native Currency: EUR 5,500,000)
Reason: The owner is relocating from Germany and wants to sell the property along with the machines. Additio... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 6 million
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Business Overview

- The company owner boasts over 20 years of experience in the plastics processing and recycling industry, running an engineering firm specializing in machinery for these purposes. This extensive knowledge and expertise are pivotal to our operations.

- Business has stopped operations 3 years ago.

- Efficient project implementation allowed us to launch production and obtain all necessary certifications in accredited laboratories in Germany, Poland, and Turkey in an exceptionally short time. This demonstrates our capability to effectively execute complex projects.

- Readiness for rapid implementation of new production, leveraging our experience and proven procedures, which could represent significant value for potential investors.

- Possession of 4 complete technological lines ready for startup, providing a solid foundation for future production.

- An in-house laboratory ensuring the ability to conduct thorough product testing and quality control, which is crucial for maintaining high production standards.

- Strategically located in Eberswalde, near Berlin and the Polish border, offering excellent logistical conditions and access to a skilled workforce.

- Expansion potential thanks to a large available space and support from local authorities, opening opportunities for the company's future development.

Products & Services Overview

The owners of the company being sold have been running another business for many years, an engineering enterprise specializing in the implementation of plastic processing and recycling technologies. The company for sale was established as a special purpose entity to separate its operations from our main business, allowing us to focus on a specific project, utilizing our knowledge and experience in a new area.

The project for which our special purpose entity was created concluded successfully in 2021, resulting in the cessation of production. Despite the discontinuation of production, our knowledge and expertise remain at a high level. We have the capabilities to implement the production of filters designed for cleaning water bodies from oil stains and other applications where water purity is a priority. We are ready to support other companies in starting or developing their own production in the field of filtration.

Meltblown nonwoven finds application in many diverse areas. Here are some of the uses:

- Air and water cleaning filters: Meltblown nonwoven is used as a filtration medium in HEPA filters, which serve to clean the air of fine particles, and in water filters, which help remove impurities and improve its quality.

- Absorbent materials: Due to its high absorption capacity, this nonwoven is used in products designed to absorb spilled fluids, including oils and chemicals, which is especially useful in industry and laboratories.

- Hygienic products: Meltblown nonwoven is used in the production of sanitary pads, tampons, and diapers, where its absorbent properties and gentleness are especially valued.

- Insulating materials: Thanks to its structure, meltblown nonwoven is used as insulation in clothing, protective elements, or in construction, providing thermal and acoustic insulation.

- Agricultural applications: This nonwoven is used as protection for plants against pests, frost, and excessive sunlight, and also in irrigation systems to maintain the proper level of soil moisture.

- Filters in the automotive industry: It serves as a component of oil, air, and fuel filters, affecting the efficiency and longevity of engines.

- Construction applications: As a filtration element in drainage systems, preventing clogs and improving water management efficiency.

- Packaging: Used to produce packaging materials that protect products from contaminants and damage.

Meltblown nonwoven, thanks to its unique properties such as high filtration efficiency, absorption, and insulation, is a versatile material used in many industries and applications.

Assets Overview

Tangible Assets:

* The value of land and buildings is approximately 4 million euros.

* 1 Meltblown nonwoven extrusion line 1600 mm.

* 2 Meltblown nonwoven extrusion lines 300 mm.

* 1 Meltblown nonwoven extrusion line 600 mm.

* Air compressors.

* Fully equipped laboratory for product testing and development.

* Spare parts for machines, ensuring operational continuity.

* Office and laboratory furniture, ready for immediate use.

* Established relationships with suppliers of raw materials and components.

* Industry certifications and compliance documents, confirming the quality of products and standards.

* Technical documentation and manuals for all equipment.

* Buildings are in very good technical and visual condition, minimizing the need for initial infrastructure investments.


Intangible Assets:

The company completed a project related to the production of nonwovens 2 years ago. The production was opened for the project, the company was a special-purpose entity established for the implementation of this project. We wanted to separate this project from our main activity, which is running an engineering company dealing with machinery for the processing and recycling of plastics and the implementation of technology in the field of processing and recycling of plastics.

* Know-how related to starting production: unique knowledge about the production process, production optimization, and quality management, necessary for the effective launching and running of the production plant.

* The possibility of support and assistance in restarting production: a commitment to transfer knowledge and experience to the new owner, which can significantly facilitate the takeover and start-up of the business.

* The potential for expansion or scalability of the business, based on the current setup.

* Support and a consultation period from the current management to ensure a smooth transition.

* A database of suppliers of raw materials and materials used in production, essential for the continuation of production operations.

* Contacts to housing cooperatives, enabling the rental of a larger number of apartments for employees in one place, which can facilitate the logistics of employment.

* Assistance in hiring specialist engineers, technicians, and machine operators.

* The possibility of using the services of an experienced virtual office in Berlin, which can offer remote administrative support, such as telephone answering, correspondence management, and market research, which can help reduce administrative costs at the beginning of the activity.

* An offer of support and advice in the following months after the sale regarding knowledge of the local market, which can be invaluable help in integrating into a new business environment.

* The possibility of accommodation for board members on the second floor of the facility and for the production technologist on the ground floor, with independent kitchens and bathrooms on each floor, i. e. , people directly involved in the current business activities.

* There is a possibility of cooperation with our other company, involved in technology implementations for the development of production and expansion as well as in other projects in the plastics and plastics recycling industry.

Facilities Overview

- Our property is a modern production and office complex situated on a plot of 13,000 m².

- The production facility covers 1,300 m², offering a height of 10 meters, which facilitates the handling of large machines and equipment.

- Additionally, we have an office space of 420 m² spread over the 1st and 2nd floors, and an additional 230 m² that can serve as another production space, laboratory, or other utility rooms, located on the 3rd floor of the office building with an entrance from the production hall side.

- There is a constant source of 1.5 MV of electric power with the possibility of increasing to 10 MV, ensuring stability in production processes.

- The facility includes a fully equipped laboratory, allowing for internal product testing and quality control.

- There are also warehouses for raw materials and finished products, complemented by access to air compressors and complete office and laboratory furnishings.

- Accommodation for the company's management in office spaces and for production workers is possible within the complex, offering convenient logistical solutions for the team.

- The property is in a very convenient location – just 5 minutes from the highway, 45-50 minutes from Brandenburg International Airport, and 50 km from the center of Berlin, facilitating logistics and international cooperation.

- There is also the possibility of expansion thanks to a large undeveloped area, opening perspectives for future expansions.

- Local authorities in Brandenburg offer attractive grants for business development and favorable loans, further enhancing the investment value of our property.

Capitalization Overview

Currently, the enterprise is financed by the founders' equity and will be sold free of any financial liabilities. The company has no debts or loans. It is a sole proprietorship, with one owner holding 100% of the shares. The owner of the enterprise is also the owner of the property where the company's headquarters are located.

There is an option to purchase the enterprise along with the property and machinery, or to buy the property and machinery separately.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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