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Wellness Retreat Seeking Loan in Haleiwa, United States

Hawaiian couples retreat specializing in intimacy, holistic health, and excursions hosted on a private Ecofarm.
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Established 5-10 year(s)
Employees 2 - 5
Legal Entity S Corporation
Reported Sales USD 162 thousand
Run Rate Sales USD 192 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Industries Wellness Retreats
Locations  Haleiwa
Local Time 4:42 PM America / Fort Wayne
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Active
Overall Rating
Seeking Loan
USD 100 thousand for 8.0% annual interest, 10 years (Native Currency: USD 100,000)
Reason: As sales for our Hawaiian couples retreats increase to maximum occupancy, we are seeking initial fun... View More
Collateral Available: USD 150 thousand
Includes physical assets worth USD 10 thousand
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Business Overview

Promoter has won multiple awards of excellence in her field as a top doctor in 3 US states and a Creative Award with Brainz Magazine. The business has recently rebranded and has received a 70% increase in publicity opportunities. We recently hired an administrative manager and a business/sales development representative to accommodate clients' interests and scheduling needs. Licensed in multiple states with multiple degrees and certificates as an integrative medicine specialist for mental health, we offer services that are comprehensive and unique, unparalleled to those available with other practitioners.

We treat anywhere from 3-9 clients per day, however, we are an out-of-network provider so the rates and scheduling blocks do not align with traditional.

Models dictated by insurance structures. This means that clients can book up to 3 hours of sessions and the hourly rate is USD 260.

Couples retreats will be located on the lavender field and eco farm, offered for 5 days at a fee of USD 10,000 per couple. Retreats include a blend of intensive therapy workshops and fun Hawaiian excursions. A maximum of 4 couples can be booked each week, year-long. The current doctor can continue working her clinical caseload during the excursion periods of the retreat each day, as that will be managed by another member of the team.

The lavender field will offer additional sources of marketability and revenue streams, as it's identified as one of the most profitable crops on the market to grow.

Products & Services Overview

Clinical: Relationship and sex therapy/coaching offered at USD 260 per hour, 90-day online programs offered at USD 2,500 per couple, in-person couple retreats in Hawaii offered at USD 10,000 per couple, and pelvic floor reconditioning programs.

Goods: Wholesale provider through Fullscript, Gaia, humanN, and Wholescript for herbal medicine, authored book, and e-commerce therapy tools.

Looking to expand to full-scale wellness retreats that run year-long, product sale, goods export, and medicinal herb workshops. Upon future development of the land, we may offer the fields as a venue for events like weddings.

Assets Overview

Office furnishing, Mac laptop, professional microphone, video recording lamps.

Facilities Overview

We have recently relocated to Haleiwa, HI from Maryland. We are in contract of purchasing agricultural land which we intend to build on and develop a Lavender farm for increased revenue streams and to align with the wellness focus of the practice. The land is 5.8 acres of ocean-view farmland in Haleiwa, HI. We will be hosting wellness retreats on the property in addition to opening the Lavender Fields up to the public for donation and consumer goods sales.

Capitalization Overview

The business has no active debts or loans. We are currently cash-positive and are self-funded all business projects and expansions until now. The total number of shareholders and owners: 1 at 100%. We are closing on 5.8 acres of ocean and mountain-view farmland in Hi which will have a mortgage of USD 480,000.

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