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Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Croatia

Results 1 - 18 of 104 - Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Croatia as on September 2020. Buy or Invest in a Business in Croatia and 175 countries, 950+ Industries, with profit margins up to 60% investment ranging from HRK 20 thousand - 320 million. Explore pre-screened Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Croatia with verified contact details, valuation details and business photographs. Join our 1,466,000+ member network to Buy or Invest in a Business in Croatia. Create a Business profile to Sell or finance your Business in Croatia.

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Newly Established Hotel Investment Opportunity in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Business is seeking funds to construct a 7 star hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
- Business is looking to construct a hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia. - This will be a 7 star hotel. - The company is registered in Gibraltar but the hotel project is based in Dubrovnik, Croatia. - Expect to finish construction in the next 3 years. - Our smaller hotel rooms will have 339 small rooms for 2 people and 286 family rooms for 3 persons. - Our larger hotel rooms will have 40 family rooms for 4 persons, 35 suites for 2 to 4 persons, 12 suites (4 to 6 persons) and 2 suites for 8 persons. - It will also have - 8 restaurants, 9 bars, a wellness and spa, medical services, 7 conference/ball rooms, a shopping arcade, a night club, a casino, disco club, garage, 4 swimming pools on the outside and one on the inside, 4 tennis courts and a zone for water sports activities. - We will be constructing and setting up more hotels in Miami, Paris, London and New York in the future.
7.5   Dubrovnik , Croatia
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 4 million for 1% stake
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Tour Operator for Sale in Split, Croatia

Tour agency with 1,000+ customer database, 50+ business contracts and 100+ bookings/monthly.
- Offer customized and standardized single day tours and multi-day tours around south-eastern Europe. Single day tours are offered within Croatia only. - It is an asset light business model. - We receive around 100 bookings on a monthly basis and have a customer database with over 1,000+ clients. - Our business offers ground services only (restaurant & hotel bookings and sight-seeing tours). All the flight bookings need to be undertaken by the client itself. We charge a down payment of 20 - 30% during booking or customers have an option to pay the full amount before the services are provided directly. - The average duration of a multi day tour is 10 days. The price without hotel bookings is around EUR 5,000 (with hotel accommodation it is much higher). The price of a single day tour is around EUR 300 on average. Charge a commission on the booking in the range of 10% - 30% depending on the cost of the package. During season, day tours are more popular and during off-season multi day tours are more popular. It is high season from May - October with peak season during July - August. - We are the official tour coordinator and logistics organizer for a major Croatian tour company. Besides that, we have over 50+ contracts with multiple tour agencies around the world for instance in USA and Europe. We coordinate all the bookings based in Croatia and its surrounding countries for our partners and provide a commission of 20%. These contracts are in perpetuity. - Owing to the ongoing pandemic, run rate sales have fallen due to a slump in travel bookings. - The bookings and coordination is handled by the promoter. We have 1 sales executive on a contract basis that is engaged in digital, social media and online paid marketing (Google Ads). Besides that, we have 3 expert chauffeurs/tour guides on the company pay roll for day tours. - The business is offering its extensive contacts list, brand/goodwill, 3 online portals, 3 minivans and 50+ business contracts in the transaction amount. We have experienced a stable growth rate at around 40% in the past.
9.0   Split , Croatia
Run Rate Sales USD 74 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Business for Sale USD 530 thousand
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Vehicle Rental Business Seeking Loan in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Car rental business based in Dubrovnik, Croatia that has a fleet of 50 cars.
- We have a fleet of European economy cars such as Volkswagon and Opel. - Have a total of 50 cars. 60% of these cars are company owned. - We rent out the cars to tourists mainly. Our renting period starts from 1 day up to 30 days. - Tourism drastically picked up after Game of Thrones filming for King's Landing. - We are looking to purchase more cars and expand our operations. - Revenue has decreased due to covid-19.
7.5   Dubrovnik , Croatia
Run Rate Sales USD 900 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Business Loan USD 300 thousand at 3% interest
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Hotel for Sale in Zagreb, Croatia

For Sale: 3-star hotel near Adriatic sea with 40+ bedrooms and 70% occupancy rate.
- A spacious ocean view 3-star hotel located close to the Adriatic sea. - Hotel has 40+ bedrooms, 90+ beds, a restaurant, a wellness centre, a sauna, parking area for 40 cars and 4 buses. - Capacity is almost always booked with an occupancy rate of somewhere around 70%. - Business also has a marina for small yachts. - All the documents will be provided on request. - Registered on multiple online platforms for bookings. - Sales have been down recently due to Covid. - Physical assets include land, building, furniture, interiors and miscellaneous items related to the business.
6.6   Zagreb , Croatia
Run Rate Sales USD 550 thousand
EBITDA Margin 39 %
Business for Sale USD 2.3 million
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Hotel for Sale in Split, Croatia

Under construction luxury hotel near centre of Split with 16 rooms, restaurant & rooftop bar.
- Tourism company is developing a new boutique hotel in Split. - Hotel will have 16 rooms, a la carte restaurant (50 pax), attractive rooftop pool bar, parking space. - Our facility would include an intimate wellness and total garage & parking area for 11 cars. - Our industry is expected to receive benefits totaling EUR 933K from the Croatian Government over the next 10 years in the form of subsidies on taxes, incentives and direct payments to employees. - 75% of the construction is completed. - Physical assets include land, building and construction materials. - Promoters have more than 25 years of experience in tourism industry.
6.8   Split , Croatia
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business for Sale USD 5 million
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Ice Cream Parlor for Sale in Split, Croatia

For Sale: Pastry and ice cream shop that makes homemade cakes and ice cream.
- Family owned ice cream shop that sells homemade cakes and ice creams. - We have lots of customers from all over the area, who are food cravings coming to Split because we are in an old town center. - Our shop has 35-40 indoor seats and 26 outdoor seats. - During peak season, we serve 700-800 customers per day including takeaway orders. - Physical assets include machinery, furniture, and raw materials. - Promoter has over 3 years of experience in this business.
5.9   Split , Croatia
Run Rate Sales USD 550 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business for Sale USD 260 thousand
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Tour Operator Seeking Loan in Zagreb, Croatia

Tour company in Croatia seeks investment or loan on profit sharing agreement.
- Tour operator based in Croatia. - We primarily serve the B2C segment and have catered to 1,650 travelers last year. - Provide tour packages across Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubai and Egypt. - Promoter has 20+ years of experience in the travel and tourism domain. - We were awarded a very coveted industry award last year, our second year of operations. - We have tie-ups with 20 vendors who we outsource execution to. - Due to the seasonal nature of the business, our revenue is less than 25% of our normalized average revenue.
8.0   Zagreb , Croatia
Run Rate Sales USD 150 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Business Loan USD 120 thousand at 10% interest
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Newly Established Hotel Seeking Loan in Osijek, Croatia

Business seeking funds to construct a luxury hotel in Osijek, Croatia having 16 rooms.
- Business involved in the hotel industry, based in Osijek, Croatia. - We are still in the pre-revenue phase and are planning to construct a luxury hotel. - The land is company owned and has an area of 1,800 Sq. Meters. - The hotel will have a restaurant, bar, rooftop bar, fine dinning restaurant, gym, beauty center, sauna, VIP cinema lounge. - Once completed, the hotel will have 16 rooms - 13 rooms with a minimum area of 30 Sq. Meters, 2 suits of 45 Sq. Meters and 1 presidential suite. - It is located in a popular area of the city. - We expect to finish construction and start operations 10 months after investment is received. - The photos uploaded on the profile is a visualization of the completed hotel. It is what the hotel will look like once constructed. - Physical assets include land value.
7.4   Osijek , Croatia
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 4 million at 4% interest
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Jewellery Business Seeking Loan in Zadar, Croatia

Jewellery manufacturer that also has a retail store based in Zadar, receiving 5-10 daily customers.
- Gold and silver jewellery manufacturer with a retail store business. We have invested in production machines and seeking funds for proper marketing campaign, buy materials and two additional machines. - Have 2 major vendors from whom we procure raw materials. - Our unit can produce 50 necklaces and 50 rings per day. - Our retail store receives 5-10 customers on a daily basis. - Through Facebook we receive at least one order everyday. - Our assets include website, social media accounts, raw materials, stock and customer database. - Promoter has more than 17 experience in jewellery business.
6.6   Zadar , Croatia
Run Rate Sales USD 16 thousand
EBITDA Margin 2 %
Business Loan USD 15 thousand at 10% interest
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Vegetable Farm Investment Opportunity in Zagreb, Croatia

Organic fruit exporters since 1989 growing fruits on 300-500 hectare land, plans to expand globally.
Organic farming company that follows Biodynamic agriculture method and GlobalGAP assurance program. Company rents & controls about 300-500 hectare of land for growing organic fruits. Each facility is equipped with new and modern automatized processing system. Procure raw materials from Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and sell products globally through our website. Have implemented new standards for processing and safety of products.
6.9   Zagreb , Croatia
Run Rate Sales USD 2 million
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Financial Investment USD 6 million for 50% stake
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Newspaper Publishing Company for Sale in Split, Croatia

Own profitable annual tourist newspaper / guide business chain operating since 2009.
- Decade of profitable success, future expansion internationally secured! Currently publish free native English annual newspapers, travel and restaurant guides in booming Croatia. - We are the leading regional brand with average of 80% ad renewal rates. - Design and printing of newspapers and guides are outsourced. - Current publications range from 12 pages to 120 pages. - We own URLs to expand the brand to key cities and towns in Croatia as well as to the top 30 global travel destinations. - Business has no debt and arrears. - We receive the endorsement and financial support from local and county tourist board. - Buyer would get all content, copyrights, URLs and our hands-on guidance to ensure a successful transition. - Willing to franchise to your specific city; design, write the paper, etc. for a one time fee and 5% of annual ad income or sell an entire business with all international websites and currently published titles.
7.4   Split , Croatia
Run Rate Sales USD 100 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business for Sale USD 150 thousand
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Residential Real Estate Construction Business Seeking Loan in Primošten, Croatia

Real estate company planning to build luxury sustainable apartments, seeking funds to buy the land.
- Real estate construction company incorporated in 2018. - Have done a small renovation project in the past. - Our new project consists of the construction of 3 luxury apartment blocks with 21 apartments. - Obtaining government approvals would take around 3 to 4 months and post that the project would be completed in a year's time. - Director of the company has over 10 years of experience as a construction businessman. - This location has around 48 islands which makes it a compelling option to buy it as a second home for tourists. - Each apartment is expected to be sold for € 2.500 to € 3.000 per m2 after project completion.
8.0   Primošten , Croatia
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 600 thousand at 10% interest
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Consulting Company Investment Opportunity in Split, Croatia

Consulting services firm planning to expand the business.
- With this investment, you are entering a market worth 10 billion EUR intended for Croatian projects and companies in the period until 2027. - We are Croatian advisory company operating since 2012, providing funding opportunities to our clients. - Our company is a member of the Association of business consultants at Croatian chamber of Commerce. Recognized for supporting institution for SMEs approved by Ministry of Economics. - We want to expand the business with more employees and investments in marketing so we could be able to work on more projects.
6.0   Split , Croatia
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 60 thousand for 30% stake
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Brewery Investment Opportunity in Čaporice, Croatia

Planned craft brewery project in Croatia with a yearly production capacity of 500,000 liters.
- Intend to build a sustainable and viable craft brewery business in Dalmatia. - The brewery will be equipped with state-of-the art brewing equipment. - All rights, titles and permits have already been secured. - The brewery will be located in the business zone of Čaporice spanning across 4,657 sqm. - The planned building will have a floorspace of 1,000 sqm ensuring a yearly production capacity of 500,000 litres. - Building permit was secured in July 2018 which reflects in the land registry as of December 2018. - Brewery will be located in the very heart of Dalmatia, and is a mere 4 minute drive away from the A1 motorway. - Proximity to the motorway, larger coastal towns and tourist centres means that the brewery would have about 500 thousand potential consumers in a 50 km radius and during the tourist season this number typically doubles. - A significant part of the project has already been funded. - Promoters have a strong track record of setting up multiple profitable businesses.
6.6   Čaporice , Croatia
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 700 thousand for 80% stake
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Bicycle Manufacturing Company Investment Opportunity in Varaždin, Croatia

Manufacturer of premium handcrafted carbon frames for downhill bikes based in Varaždin, Croatia.
- Company produces downhill frames which are handmade in Croatia. The project is state-of-the-art of shipbuilding and aircraft technology and have stunning test results. - The frame prototype was tested by the rider ranked 14th in the European Union and has successfully finished the season in both EU and World Cup. - After almost two years of simulation and development, we have created 3 innovative technologies: 1) 50 / 50 linkage system - We created floating suspension no pedal kickback frame which allows more smooth and manageable bike on the track. 2) 3 piece technology - Whole frame made from only 3 pieces. 3) S / Geometry- Extra stability and speed. - We are planning to produce ready to sell downhill frame once we receive funds and also planning to start developing of enduro frame in 2020 and expand our business in electric enduro bikes, cross-country bikes, city bikes and start producing parts for mountain biking. - Promoters has 18 years experience in downhill racing and as a EU rider.
7.0   Varaždin , Croatia
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 80 thousand for 25% stake
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Electrical Vehicles Company Investment Opportunity in Zagreb, Croatia

Industrial R&D and production company having 2 products and is currently developing an electric vehicle.
- Company was founded in 2004 and is an industrial design and production company. - We invest in R&D and develop products that give us a technological edge in the market. - Director is a recognized innovator who received the silver medal in the Innova Innovation Fair in Brussels and received a special award from the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Romania. - Company has already developed 2 successful products for heating and mobile floor heating. - Our products have evolved from the initial idea to prototype testing to sustainable commercialization. - Have a full year reported revenue of 1,052,140 EUR for 2017 which was a growth of 148% from 2016 revenue of 423,688 EUR. - Also, reported earnings of 116,407 EUR in 2017 compared to 9,593 EUR the prior year which is 1,113 % year-over-year growth. - We promote our services and goods through various online channels, an official website, participation in various fairs and through social media. - We require funding to start production of a 3 wheel electric vehicle whose R&D was funded by the EU.
9.2   Zagreb , Croatia
Run Rate Sales USD 3.5 million
EBITDA Margin 16 %
Financial Investment USD 1.4 million for 50% stake
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Cosmetics Company for Sale in Zagreb, Croatia

Distributor and retailer of luxury brand cosmetics that also provides diplomas and certificates in cosmetics.
- We are a manufacturer and distributor of luxury brand products in both retail and wholesale sector. - Also, arrange seminars and training in the the field of beauty and cosmetics for which we provide certificates. - Exclusive distributor of 2 major American brands and multiple European companies. - We sell our products to spas, wellness centres and salons as well as through our online store. - Currently only supplying products within Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. - Plan to start our own line of products in the future for which we have already taken necessary action such as registering trademarks and IP. - The company is set to increase market to cover the entire European Union in the future.
6.6   Zagreb , Croatia
Run Rate Sales USD 400 thousand
EBITDA Margin 45 %
Business for Sale USD 500 thousand
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Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

Reem Al Bawadi Restaurant & Cafe, Established in 2001, 16 Franchisees currently
  • 4000+ Page Views
  • 1000+ Investor Views
Reem Al Bawadi Restaurant & Café opened its doors in Dubai with its flagship Jumeirah Beach road outlet in 2001. The concept was simple, to serve the tastiest and most authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine and make the best shisha in town, all in a relaxed, sophisticated, and uniquely Arabian setting. Our reputation and business grew at lightning speed and within a year of opening, we were the talk of the town. Our exceptional service and ambience offer a taste of modern Arabia. Our extensive menu boasts a wide variety of authentic traditional dishes, fresh juices and an optional selection of premium shisha. Today our brand has earned its reputation as an F&B pioneer in the international market. Our ethical transparency and our customer-centric quality guarantees are among the strong values that have earned the trust of many customers in the Middle East and beyond. Thanks to the passion of the team at Reem Al Bawadi, every stage of the F&B process from production to service is given exceptional care and thorough consideration, ensuring a customer-service experience that is second to none. We have already embarked on expanding our franchise network with a number of franchised outlets already open in Dubai, Al Ain, Jeddah, Bahrain and Qatar with many more in the pipeline. We plan to continue our journey by exploring new franchise opportunities with new partners.
8.4   Expanding in Croatia
Expected Monthly Sales USD 460 thousand
Space Required 5500 - 11000 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 544.5 thousand - 1.6 million
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