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  • Delhi

Consumer Electronics Business for Sale in Delhi, India

For Sale: Established consumer electronics brand specialising in audio with ecommerce website and marketplace tie-ups.
- A profitable e-commerce company with a popular personal audio electronics brand. - We sell 4 unique models of Bluetooth headphones based off of proprietary designs. - We have some of the most advanced products in the category from a feature perspective comparison. - We sell all of our products through Amazon and Flipkart. - Vendor activations with Myntra and Tata-Cliq have been negotiated and are in the pipeline. - Our products range from INR 1,000 to INR 3,000. - Our average selling price (ASP) is INR 2,250/- and last month we sold an average of 22 units per day. - We have more than 10,000 happy and recurring customers across India, who refer us to other customers frequently. - We have nurtured factory partnerships with 4 suppliers to whom we outsource the production of our products. - The trademark for our brand name is in the process of being secured and the application has already been submitted. - While we have 4 full-time employees we work with many individual freelancers and companies who will continue to support the brand at nominal rates, producing high-quality reliable work as per our requirement. - The business is operationally profitable and is debt free. - We have 5 fully functional prototypes that can move into production as soon as possible which will expand our offerings and grow revenues. - We have negotiated a distribution deal with Appario (Amazon's product procurement wing) but have not taken any action due to the decision of selling the business. The deal is active and can go thorough under new leadership quickly.
9.2   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 90 thousand
EBITDA Margin 16 %
Full Sale USD 240 thousand
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Newly Established Beauty School for Sale in Delhi, India

For Sale: Franchise of a well established hair and makeup training academy in Delhi.
- The franchise agreement is for 3 years and is renewable after this period. There are 2 more years remaining on the agreement. - We provide complete hair, skin and makeup courses. - Courses range between 3 months to 1 year to complete. - Each batch has between 15-20 students. - We have trainers that are under our employment. These trainers are trained and certified by the franchisor. - We pay a royalty of 20% on revenue. - The academy is operated under a private limited company. This private limited company will not be sold. - Sale would include only the training academy and the physical assets related to that academy.
7.3   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 70 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Full Sale USD 40 thousand
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Fast Food Restaurant Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

QSR with 2 outlets in south Delhi serving 150+ customers daily.
- QSR specializing in samosas and quick snacks along with drinks. - We have opened 2 outlets across south Delhi. One of the stores is temporarily shut. - Had 4 franchises with good sales in Delhi NCR but had to shut them due to mismanagement. - One of the outlets is exclusively devoted for takeaways and deliveries while the other outlet also has seating space (20 pax). - We also have a central kitchen where all the food is semi cooked before it is sent to the outlets to be fully cooked. - We are registered on Zomato and Swiggy. - Prior to the pandemic, we served 300 - 400 people online and offline per store. Currently, we serve over 150 - 200 people due to the ongoing pandemic. - There are 4 store attendants and 10 employees in the kitchen. - We have a Facebook page where we regularly promote the business.
8.0   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 33 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Financial Investment USD 27 thousand for 40% stake
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Pharma Marketing Business for Sale in Delhi, India

Pharma marketing company with 22 products, 8 major distributors and a network of 700+ doctors.
- Pharma marketing company of orthopedic and dermatology products. Have a wide product range consisting of 22 different items. - We have tied-up with 3 distributors in Delhi and 5 in Punjab. Our top distributors are Neelkanth and DC Agencies. - Run rate sales have fallen due to the ongoing pandemic. Over 3-4 products are in short supply currently. - Have entered into an agreement with 5 manufacturers regarding production. Product prices are marked up 3 to 4 times. - The entire core team of 6 members is engaged in marketing (primarily off-sales). - Our products are prescribed by over 700 doctors across north India. - We also sell our products on online portals like 1mg but we primarily generate revenue through off-line sales. - Promoter has over 25 years of experience in the pharma marketing industry.
7.1   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 57 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Full Sale USD 400 thousand
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Pharmacy for Sale in Delhi, India

For Sale: One of the most trusted and popular pharmacy in North Delhi, India.
- Well-known pharmacy in North Delhi that has market presence for more than 30 years. - It's located at a prime area (DDA market) with many residential apartments and houses nearby. - The pharmacy sells medicines through over the counter and also through home delivery. Generate 66% of sales through over the counter and remaining 34% through home delivery. - For home delivery, our customers call us directly and we deliver it using 2 motorcycles covering a radius of 5 kms. - Have a well trained staff and they will be transferred to new owner along with the business. - Business has the drug license and GST certificate.
7.5   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 500 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Full Sale USD 540 thousand
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Education Consultant Franchise Opportunity

Campus Crop, Established in 2009, 5 Franchisees currently
  • 800+ Page Views
  • 200+ Investor Views
We are a 11-year education support company offering a comprehensive suite of career counseling, e-learning, and overseas education support services. As part of our career counseling services, we have counseled over 1,000 candidates through our team of 50+ certified career counselors. We offer career counseling services to candidates between 10 - 40 years of age. We have partnered with Manipal University to resell their e-learning certificate courses covering 36 subjects including IT, finance, digital marketing and data analytics. We also offer overseas education support services and assist candidates with their visa applications and travel arrangements. We offer a franchise friendly model with the franchise partner having to only pay an upfront fee and is not required to pay royalty, commission or a renewal fee. Our existing franchise partners have all been running profitably.
8.1   Expanding in Delhi
Expected Monthly Sales USD 1.4 thousand
Space Required 100 - 1000 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 4.8 - 6.8 thousand
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Medical Supplies and Equipment Business Seeking Loan in Delhi, India

Manufacturing and trading of dental and surgical instruments and importing non woven fabric for medical purpose.
- Manufacturer and trader of dental equipment across India. - We also import non-woven fabric and sell it to a few companies. - Have over 25 clients for the dental segment, which mostly include distributors, hospitals, and diagnostic centers. - Manufacturing 10% of the equipment at our unit. Only manufacture 3-4 products at our unit. - The rest of the manufacturing work is outsourced to 4-5 local vendors. - Some of the equipment are directly imported from 4 vendors in Germany and France. - The testing and quality check is done in our unit. - All products are sold under our own proprietary brand. - Company also has recurring clients and gets about 30 % of recurring sales every year. - The company has a sales team that approaches dentists and surgeons for the promotion and sale of the products. - Revenue distribution is 50-50 from both segments. - We have another segment where we import non woven fabric and sell it to 5 B2B clients and a few individual clients. - The fabric is usually used for making air filters, masks, surgical gowns. - Fabric is imported from 4 vendors located in Germany, France, and Pakistan. - We do not have any contracts with any clients. All sales are direct sales by approaching clients or by inquiries. - Sales have dropped due to the pandemic. - We are seeking consolidated funding for both the segments mainly to import the products. - Promoter has an experience of 30 years working with the medical industry.
7.1   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 80 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Business Loan USD 70 thousand at 10% interest
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Enterprise Software Company for Sale in Delhi, India

For Sale: High demand software product with good order value for large corporates, govt agencies, PSUs.
- Company has developed enterprise-level software which can be sold to almost every large company, govt/PSU clients. - We took 2-3 years to develop the product with extensive research and launched the software 10 months back. - This is a software product specially designed for large corporates, govt agencies, PSUs. - Our product has high demand, good order value and high profit margin. - We have also started acquiring reputed clients and they include Kolkata Airport, Karnataka Legislative Assembly. - We have 3 clients as of now and with a small investment the annual turnover can reach up to INR 4-5 Cr with net profit of up to 40%. - Have many other clients in the pipeline. - Capital can be recovered in 2-3 years easily. - Have a 1-year agreement with clients and it is renewable.
7.1   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 50 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Full Sale USD 340 thousand
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Newly Established Handyman Services Company Investment Opportunity in Patna, India

Provides at home services like electrician, plumbers & drivers and currently developing a mobile app.
- Company is registered in Delhi but we started our operations in Patna. Have 3 staff at Delhi office and 4 staff in Patna. - We provide handyman services where customers can book household related services through us. - Our website is live but we currently receive booking through phone calls. We are also working on Android app and 80% of development work is over. We have outsourced the development work to a freelancer. - Have served 100+ customers till date and have tie-ups with 40+ handymen partners. All our customers and handymen partners are from Patna at the moment. - Customers can either book handymen for 1 day (ad-hoc) or on weekly / monthly subscription basis. - Revenue model: We charge a commission of 10% on order value. - Founder of the company is from business family and has experience in managing clients and vendor relationship.
7.2   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 12 thousand
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 250 thousand for 15% stake
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IT Consultancy Company Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Company builds B2B SaaS cloud management platform -PowerBoard for Azure & AWS.
- We are a product and consulting services company. - We have a B2B SaaS product PowerBoard - A unified cloud management platform for Azure & AWS. - This product helps organizations to reduce cost, improve security and increase ROI for cloud computing. - Total addressable market of $300 million/year by 2022, as per Gartner. - We have resellers across Malaysia, India & UAE for this product. - We have actively engaged with 2 organizations in the USA & South Africa for white labelling this product. - Monthly subscription ranges from USD 50 to USD 1,000 for the product. - Business has 2 sales representatives, 1 inside sales executive, and 5 employees assigned for product development. - Consulting is a major source of revenue for the past 2 years. - Currently, we have approx. 10 clients in total, out of which 6 are taking up consulting services and the rest take up services for the product. - Have annual/service contracts with the 5 clients we provide consulting services to. - The charges for consulting services completely depend on the nature of the service. - We also use paid digital marketing services in order to promote our company and product. - The EBITDA is less as we have undertaken significant capital investment for product development. - Promoter has 20+ years of experience working with the industry. - Consulting business has customers in India, Nordics, USA & Australia.
8.0   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 200 thousand
EBITDA Margin 5 %
Financial Investment USD 2 million for 15% stake
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Newly Established Freight Forwarder Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Logistics firm that offers supply chain services running with a monthly sales of INR 45 lakh.
- Started operations in January 2020. - We are a professional supply chain service provider and provide end to end solutions for customer warehousing and warehouse management at the port location. - Specialized in offering domestic goods transportation, international goods transportation, commercial goods transportation services, customs clearance, industrial goods transportation along with warehousing services. - Currently working with 9 clients from the pharmaceutical industry. - Have a yearly contract with them and provide them with warehousing and management services. - Also, provide dedicated services in areas of automobile, perishable goods, garments, pharmaceuticals, DG- cargo, and time-sensitive cargo. - Despite COVID-19, our growth has been marvellous and the business growth has been good.
7.2   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 700 thousand
EBITDA Margin 0 - 10 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 30% stake
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Diagnostic Lab Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Hearing aid center that has served 10,000 customers and plans to expand across Delhi NCR.
- Hearing aid diagnostic center in Delhi where we diagnose and sell hearing aid devices to customers. - Our center is located inside a hospital but we operate as a standalone unit. - Since inception, we have served over 10,000 customers. We promote our brand through social media and Google Ads. - We buy hearing aid devices from 5-6 reputed companies including Siemens. - Have 2 visiting doctors (on contract) and 3 permanent employees. - Founder of the business has 25 years of experience in this industry. - Our run rate sales have reduced due to COVID-19. - Planning to open new branches across Delhi NCR.
7.5   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 80 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Financial Investment USD 34 thousand for 25% stake
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Beauty Salon Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Conveniently located beauty salon business in Delhi that has been operational for 6+ years.
- Business runs a unisex salon under its own brand name. - Facility has 5 hair stations, a manicure chair, a pedicure chair, bridal room, makeup area. - Before pandemic, we used to receive 40-50 daily walk-ins and now we receive 20-30 daily walk-ins. - Due to less walk-in customers, our sales have dropped recently. - Salon has experienced beauticians and staff. - Our facility is located on the main road with good visibility.
6.5   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 65 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Financial Investment USD 48 thousand for 30% stake
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Specialty Retailer for Sale in Delhi, India

Online seller on Flipkart and Amazon that has met over 65,000 orders since inception.
Firm sells condoms, watches and sunglasses on Flipkart and Amazon. We receive orders through Flipkart and Amazon and since inception, we have met over 65,000 orders. Generate 60% revenue from sale of condoms and remaining 40% revenue from sale of watches and sunglasses. We buy the goods / stock from 10-15 vendors. After receiving orders from Flipkart and Amazon, they send their delivery agent to our warehouse for pick-up and delivery. Business is running profitably and the interested buyer can start generating sales and profit from the first day after acquiring our business. We will also transfer our dashboard on Flipkart and Amazon to the buyer.
7.4   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 56 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 - 30 %
Full Sale USD 34 thousand
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Wires and Cables Company Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Manufacturer of electrical wires and cables with 10+ active clients seeks funding for expansion.
- We manufacture CCTV cables, networking cables, co-axial cables, and cables. - Manufacture and sell under our own brand name and also do contract manufacturing for other companies. - Our marque clients are Zebronics and a private Chinese company with whom we have contracts that are renewed annually. - 90% of the manufacturing is carried out for full-time clients. - Remaining 10% is manufactured and sold under our brand name to individuals and on various platforms. - Have recently finalized a new unit in Roorkee where we intend to shift the manufacturing unit. - Mainly cater to the telecom industry. - Promoter has over 5 years of experience running the business.
7.2   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 1.3 million
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 20% stake
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Beauty Salon for Sale in Delhi, India

For Sale: Women's salon in Delhi that receives 10-15 daily customers.
- A beauty, hair and make-up salon for women, based in Delhi. - Have 6 stations for hair and makeup, 3 beds and a bath station at the salon. - Receive between 10-15 daily customers. - Have a good social media following with close to 1k followers on Instagram. - Sale would include entire business and physical assets.
6.8   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 16 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Full Sale USD 9.5 thousand
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Auto Repair and Service Franchise Opportunity

MySyara (Mysyara Auto Care), Established in 2019, 4 Franchisees currently
  • 9000+ Page Views
  • 1000+ Investor Views
MySyara is an automotive tech aggregator that does on-demand car care services. Based out of Dubai, the startup is looking to grow aggressively in different markets. Currently active in Dubai, Abu Dhabi in the UAE and Trivandrum, Kochi in Kerala, India. With a completely native digital team, from technology to marketing - MySyara can provide value to any automotive business owner to grow their reach drastically in their respective cities. Currently working on an exclusive model for each city-wide partnership. Return on Investment period is 18 months. We already have outlets that are doing good sales so as per those values we project the other franchisees would generate similar revenue.
8.3   Expanding in Delhi
Expected Monthly Sales USD 3.4 thousand
Space Required 1000 - 1500 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 8.2 - 13.6 thousand
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Laundry Business Franchise Opportunity

DhobiLite (Elite Dhobilite Laundry Pvt Ltd), Established in 2011, 3 Franchisees currently
  • 700+ Page Views
  • 300+ Investor Views
Dhobilite is a pioneer in the laundry industry that provides doorstep laundry and dry cleaning service with one click using best in-class technology. We have a strong online presence and the highest number of app downloads in the laundry category across various platforms. We have over 50,000+ downloads on the Android store with a rating of 4.9 stars from 2,294 reviews. Besides running our own laundry operations, we provide franchise, consultancy, and SaaS solutions for people in the same business willing to leverage the technology and expertise of the Dhobilite team. Our team has 9 years of rich experience in running a successful and profitable business.
8.6   Expanding in Delhi
Expected Monthly Sales USD 5.4 thousand
Space Required 300 - 350 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 20.4 - 27.2 thousand
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