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M&A Advisory Company Investment Opportunity in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Global consultancy firm with 281 successful projects, 67 medals and certificates, and 445 satisfied customers.
The company was founded in 2003 and has since evolved dynamically, offering a wide range of services to our customers, some of which include business consultancy lobbying alongside, funds acquisition from European agencies, investment consultancy, architectural and design services, and lobbying alongside other European institutions, agencies or other international organizations. We are a strong global platform that provides financial and corporate communications services. We are visible globally with head offices in over 7 countries. We have also tied up with a variety of European institutions through the company’s representatives. The business has been affiliated and accredited by a number of institutions some of which include the World Bank Group, Interreg Europe, Parlamentum Europaeum, European Cluster Collaboration Platform, and ENBIS. We are also partnered with the Romanian government. Our goal is to solve economic disparities by brokering investments and reducing time taken for funds acquisition. Run-rate sales have dropped due to the ongoing pandemic. The business has undertaken around 281 successful projects, have over 445 satisfied customers and have received over 67 certificates and medals.
8.9   Cluj-Napoca , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 1.2 million
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Financial Investment USD 3 million for 30% stake
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Electrical Vehicles Company Investment Opportunity in Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Electrical vehicles assembler and distributor that has tied up with 4 retail giants.
- Assemble and distribute electrical vehicles such as hoverboards and scooters under our registered brand. Our electrical hoverboards are our most popular products. - We sell our products through offline channels (retail) and online channels (e-commerce). Over 75% of our sales revenue comes through online channels with 25% coming from offline channels. - Our current headquarters is in Bucharest, Romania but we plan on shifting to Sint-Truiden, Belgium. - We sell our products directly on our website and on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and E-Bay, Bol, Cdiscount, Wish, Fruugo, Cdon. - The business has tied up with 4 major retail giants that sell our products. Some of their names are Auchan and Carrefour. We also have two showrooms; the first one is in Bucharest and the other one is in Budapest. - Currently, we target France, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and Poland. We plan on focusing in the US market very soon. - We have a dedicated marketing team consisting of 5 - 6 members. We engage in offline and online advertising (digital marketing). We provide repair servicing in Belgium and Romania for our products. - We focus on creating (design) and producing our own patented (at least min 2 models/year) products because our brand name is trademarked worldwide (innovation and patents). - EBITDA for the first 6 months in this year is over 30% - Have 5 years of experience (we are in this industry from the beginning) - Easy to scale up our 2 renting business in other capitals or countries.
9.6   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 3.6 million
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Financial Investment USD 2 million for 30% stake
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Furniture Business for Sale in Bucharest, Romania

Manufacturer of office furniture with 5+ resellers and an average monthly sales of EUR 80,000.
- Company manufactures office furniture such as tables, office cabinets, pedestals. - Sells them through its tie-ups with 5+ resellers, few architects, and agents. - Run rate sales have dropped due to the pandemic. - Manufacturing capacity of about 700-1,000 pieces per months and can be extended. - Manufacturing is only done after we receive an order from the client. - Have tie-ups with 5 suppliers for procuring raw materials. - About 50% of the products are imported from 2-3 manufacturers in Europe and the rest 50% are manufactured at our unit. - Currently working on 4 projects with mid sized companies. - Furniture is customized as per the client's requirement. - Have a tie-up with 2 logistic companies who help in transportation.
8.5   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 1.1 million
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Full Sale USD 600 thousand
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Apparel and Accessories Company for Sale in Arad, Romania

10-year-old textile firm engaged in manufacturing lingerie and pajamas for a client.
- 10-year-old textile firm engaged in designing and stitching lingerie, and pajamas for a company in the lohn system. - We are working with a single organization on a lohn system. - We have a contract with this company for 5 years. Every year the price is negotiated. - Produce about 80,000 pieces of products every month. - Raw materials and fabric is provided to us by the organization. - Products include different sizes and varieties of lingerie, bras, slips, undershirt, pajamas, shorts and men's underwear. - All the products are packaged and sent to the client. - Our team comprises of 70 people out of which 55 of them are tailors and the rest 15 do cutting and the packaging work.
7.5   Arad , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 1.1 million
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Full Sale USD 600 thousand
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Industrial Machinery Sales Partner Opportunity

Zatpat Machines (A2Z Machine Services), Established in 2020, 2 Sales Partners currently
  • 4000+ Page Views
  • 2000+ Investor Views
Zatpat Machines is an online marketplace focused on metal, plastic and wood working industry. The company is registered in India but operates from Stuttgart, Germany. We aim to provide purchase and sale of machines, tools, spares and manufacturing material to these industries through our website. We are currently connecting European and Indian markets, however, we plan to go global and connect markets worldwide. We require sales partners in various countries to help us grow the company.
7.7   Expanding in Romania
Expected Monthly Sales USD 1.8 thousand
Space Required 100 - 200 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 5.9 - 11.8 thousand
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Furniture Company for Sale in Bucharest, Romania

Office furniture manufacturing company that sells products directly to clients and also through distributors.
Company was established in 2013 to sell furniture to offices and for interior designing projects. Since its inception, the company has been providing high quality products and professional services. Company manufactures furniture at its fully automated factory using state-of-the-art HOMAG technology. Produce customized products at a large scale. Main activity of the company is to manufacture furniture but over the years, it has also expanded into manufacturing aluminium & wooden window frames, metal goods, and providing interior designing services. Company imports chairs, metal structures, and accessories from suppliers based in Poland, Italy, Austria and Turkey. Have long term contracts with these suppliers. Additionally, the company also has tie-ups with local suppliers in Romania. Company's strategy is to sell imported products from its own production facility to the final beneficiaries / clients. Company sells the products to clients through specific projects, long term contracts and also through distributors. Some of its corporate clients are Banca Comercială Română, Enel Romania Srl, Metro Systems Romania, Deutsche Bank, Robert Bosch, Ministry of European Funds. In addition, the company also sells products to residential clients. Company has the ability to meet any type of furniture supply project requirement. Business owned assets as a part of full sale include land & building, factory setup, equipment (3 years old), furniture, computer, software, existing contract with customers & suppliers. The interested buyer can purchase only the business without the real estate and the current owner can provide it on lease. The buyer would need to take the facility on lease for at least 10 years in such a case.
9.3   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 2.2 million
EBITDA Margin 12 %
Full Sale USD 725 thousand
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Newly Established Hotel Seeking Loan in Bucharest, Romania

Company is renovating a hotel based in Bucharest that will have 70+ rooms.
- A company in the hotel industry, based in Bucharest, Romania. - The new hotel that we are renovating is still in the pre-revenue phase. - Our parent company has 2 existing hotels in Romania. Each hotel is held under a different subsidiary company. - This company has been created specifically for this new hotel. - Hotel property is an 18th century historical building that has been acquired. It is now company owned. - Building has basement, ground, 2 floors and an attic. - Hotel has more than 70 rooms. - Total area of property is 1,900 Sq. Meters and is located in a popular area of the city. - We expect renovation to be completed and the hotel to be operational in 18-24 months years post receiving funds. - Property will have a swimming pool, restaurant and spa post renovation. - Physical assets include the property.
9.0   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 3 million at 10% interest
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Engineering, Procurement & Construction Business for Sale in Brăila, Romania

For Sale: ISCIR authorized company providing system integration and installation services to industrial clients.
- Company specialized in complete services of consulting, design, supply of equipment, assembly, commissioning and authorization in the industrial field installation services (steam, thermal oil, hot water) for industrial machinery and equipment. - We are the authorized distributor for the equipment and provide services for the efficient use of conventional and renewable energy. - Our core services involve working with the main quality systems (ISO and OHSAS) and we are authorized by ISCIR for the design, montage, and commissioning of industrial equipment. - In the last 3 years, we have executed 19 projects for 19 different clients. - Our main clients are from the industrial field where steam, diathermic oil, and superheated water are needed. We can provide a list of references with the main clients and the works carried out, to interested investors. - We were recently awarded the Excellent SME certificate of appreciation by Coface. - Selling price includes full business, license, headquarters & warehouse property, materials, and equipment.
8.7   Brăila , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 530 thousand
EBITDA Margin 6 %
Full Sale USD 660 thousand
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Newly Established Banquet Hall Investment Opportunity in Tulcea, Romania

Wedding ballroom in the city of Danube Delta, has high profit margin.
- Business operating a wedding ballroom based in Tulcea, Romania. - The ballroom is company owned and has a land area of 3,600 Sq. Meters. The area of the ballroom is 1,200 Sq. Meters. - It can accommodate up to 300 guests. - Fully booked for the next two years. - Apart from weddings, we rent it out for corporate events, private parties and birthdays. - There is a full fledged kitchen attached to the. ballroom that has a capacity of 3,600 plates per day. - There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 changing room. - Parking space is available for 70 cars. - The location benefits include - Noiseless neighborhood, easy access to public transport and permanent video surveillance. - The wedding season in Romania is during May - November. We receive between 4 to 8 bookings per month during these months. - We are looking to set up a new ballroom in the same place. - New ballroom too will be company owned. The property has not yet been identified. - Physical assets include land, all equipment, building and interior setup such as: - Deutz GD138 KVA generator set; - Electricity 350 A automatic transfer; - Water separate hydrant network; - Air conditioning systems: chiller, fan convectors, ventilators exhaust air, fresh air supply, rooftops, central air treatment; - Exterior insulation: polystyrene and flame retardant mineral wool; - Floors: marble, granite, rectified porcelain ceramic, carpet, epoxy resins;
7.4   Tulcea , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 500 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Financial Investment USD 900 thousand for 50% stake
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Call Center Franchise Opportunity

IdeasUnlimited, Established in 2010, 4 Franchisees currently
  • 10+ introductions
  • 2000+ Page Views
  • 1000+ Investor Views
IdeasUnlimited is a Global Business Support Services Provider, providing call centre and remote workforce services to clients for the past nine years. We have completed over four thousand (4000+) projects to date, providing a variety of different support in various industries. Our major services include: - 24 / 7 Omni-Channel Support Services. - Technical Support Services. - Bilingual Support Services. - Medical Support Services. - eCommerce and Admin Support Services. - Virtual Assistant Services. - Web and App Development Services. Our client base includes DHI Telecom, TEP Wireless (now Travelwifi) and PatPat, to name a few. Our unique value proposition includes 24 / 7 / 365 support, omnichannel coverage, variety of call centre services, fast scalability, flexible pricing options, experienced project management, quality assurance, and customizable solutions. We currently have two active call centre locations in the Philippines, one in Pakistan and one in the USA. We also employ trained remote workforce teams all around the world. We have three affiliate programs that could be suitable for the interested parties here: 1) Affiliate Referral Program. Where all you do is bring the LEAD to us and if we close that lead, you will earn a handsome monthly commission for up to three years. 2) Affiliate Joint Partner / Franchise option. This is the franchise option in which you will run under our brand and execute the projects at your location. This can be fruitful to someone who has the capital for investment, the experience of running a business but does not have the work / clients as we will provide consistent work, support and affiliation. 3) Affiliate Service Partner. This is a white-label program where you provide our services through your brand name and we do all of the work for you. You should have the brand / business established enough to be able to attract clients for our services. We will take care of the rest and white-label the services so that your brand can expand.
8.9   Expanding in Romania
Expected Monthly Sales USD 4.1 - 24.5 thousand
Space Required 0 - 1500 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 5.4 - 54.4 thousand
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Computer Hardware Company Investment Opportunity in Timișoara, Romania

Company developing IT&C hardware products under its own brand, having 50+ distributors and 250+ resellers.
- Company involved in the manufacturing of IT&C products including Uninterruptible Power Supplies, PC ATX Power Supplies, PC Chassis under its own brand. - Working closely with 10 major manufacture facilities in China. Around 150 SKUs in current offer. - During the last 10 years supplied to 50 distributors and 250+ resellers across Eastern Europe and directly to 15,000+ end-customers. Its products are present in more than 20 countries. - Awards: Won the Distree EMEA award for the best charging and power related products among consumer technology brands. - Our company also found a place under the Inc. 5000 Europe. - Promoter has over 20 years of industry experience. - Business owned assets include inventory. Our brand is registered in EU, USA, Russia, China, India, Brazil and several other countries.
9.0   Timișoara , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 3.8 million
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 2 million for 49% stake
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Profitable Ecommerce Website for Sale in Bucharest, Romania

Company running two online stores for baby products, costumes and party accessories.
- We are an eCommerce company that sells products through two websites. - One website is for baby products and toys with over 15,000 products listed on it. - All the products on the website are described in detail with pictures and videos unlike on competitor websites. - The other website is for a vast variety of party costumes and accessories. - The website includes costumes and accessories for Halloween, Easter and Christmas. - Both the websites sell and deliver products only to clients within Romania. - Promoters have over 10 years of experience in the field of marketing and eCommerce. - Company's physical assets include inventory and office setup.
8.1   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 440 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Full Sale USD 600 thousand
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Slaughterhouse for Sale in Bucharest, Romania

For Sale: Non-operational slaughterhouse with well equipped processing machinery, fridges and assets.
It's a non-operational slaughterhouse which halted its operations last year due to management issues and is now looking for buyers. The business activities include rearing of ostrich and slaughter of ostrich & wild pigs. They used to sell the meat to large supermarkets. The total size of the facility is divided into two parts i. e. ostrich farm and processing facility respectively. The ostrich farm is of approx 42,000 sq mt and the processing facility is of approx 24,000 sq mt. Ostrich farm: The farm has the capacity to raise 1,000 ostriches per month. It can be also used for rearing chickens and turkey as well. The farm has multiple rooms, hatcheries, warehouses and well connected water and electricity facilities. Processing facility: This facility is divided into sections for slaughter, and processing of skin & fat. It has incinerator and wastewater treatment plant for both tanneries and slaughterhouse. Has electrical installations, heating, sewage, heating (oil heating), compressed air installation. Physical assets as a part of full sale include slaughterhouse equipment, cold installation machinery, meat processing equipment, leather processing equipment, tannery machines, equipment for the sewage treatment plant, incinerator equipment.
7.1   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Full Sale USD 1.5 million
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Office Space Seeking Loan in Bucharest, Romania

Co-working space business in Romania seeks funds to purchase the entire building.
- Company offering co-working office space services in Bucharest. - We have taken 15-floor property on a long term lease and offering it as office space on rent and lease. - The construction of the property was completed 10 years back and we have been in that facility since the beginning. - The facility is located in a prominent area on the banks of a river with easily accessible public transport, shopping malls, college, university. - Utilizing the facility with 70-80% occupancy rate. - We have customers for rent, short and long term lease. - Business owns furniture, electronic equipment, lightings and building deposit.
8.3   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 1.4 million
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Business Loan USD 25 million at 10% interest
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Newly Established Restaurant and Bar Seeking Loan in Bucharest, Romania

Company looking for funds to acquire a well-established pub & restaurant in downtown Bucharest.
- We intend to buy a well-established pub & restaurant that has been operating for 12+ years in Bucharest. - Pub is in a commercial area in Bucharest and has motels nearby. - We plan to renovate & refurbish the pub with a new brand name and marketing policy. - The pub has an indoor seating capacity for 250 people, and an outdoor terrace with a capacity for 50 people. - Receives a footfall of around 300 during the weekends. - We are seeking funds for refurbishing the facility and the expected duration to become operational is 3-4 months post obtaining funds. - Once refurbished, the restaurant will have a full working kitchen with a complete menu and the bar will provide all drinks and cocktails for parties and events we want to organize. - The financial numbers on the profile is for the restaurant & pub business, which we intend to take over.
7.2   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 700 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Business Loan USD 360 thousand at 20% interest
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Book Publishing Company Investment Opportunity in Bucharest, Romania

Book publishing business that sell through own website and national network libraries.
- Book publishing business based in Bucharest, Romania. - Authors submit manuscripts to us. We verify, copyright and edit the content after that we compile the book, work on cover designing and send it for printing. - We have 400 titles in our portfolio. - Have contract distribution with 4 major book distribution companies in Romania. - We produce 2-4 new books per month. - Have a database of 1,300 online customers. - Our assets include website, office equipment, computers. - Promoter has more than 7 years of experience in this business.
5.7   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 120 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Financial Investment USD 1 million for 40% stake
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Ground Logistics Company Investment Opportunity in Bucharest, Romania

Courier and postal services company in Bucharest, Romania having over 170 B2B clients.
- A ground transport and logistics company based in Bucharest, Romania that started operations in 2018. - We cater to the B2B market and provide courier / parcel delivery services to 100 clients across Romania. - Our clients are mainly E-commerce websites. - Client can place orders through our website. - Have a fleet of 8 cars and minivans, company owned and we also outsource or subcontract. - We also have major courier contracts with large courier companies in Romania to ensure that we deliver in areas where we don t have providers. This way we cover all of Romania.
7.5   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 380 thousand
EBITDA Margin 14 %
Financial Investment USD 170 thousand for 40% stake
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Profitable Furniture Company for Sale in Bucharest, Romania

Furniture manufacturing company in Bucharest, Romania providing custom furniture services to B2B clients.
- A furniture manufacturing business based in Bucharest, Romania that started operations in 1994. - We have our own manufacturing unit. - We are a B2B business and the products are sold to hotels, shops and retail store businesses, offices. - Some of the companies for whom we've manufactured furniture include - Lee Cooper, Microsoft Romania, Oracle Romania, Mango. - Products are custom built for clients based on their brand, space available and requirements. - Production is done based on orders. - Physical assets include manufacturing unit, workshop, office, machinery, stock and raw material. - Sale would include entire business including physical assets.
7.7   Bucharest , Romania
Run Rate Sales USD 3.6 million
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Full Sale USD 4.7 million
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