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Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Turkey

Results 1 - 18 of 177 - Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Turkey as on September 2020. Buy or Invest in a Business in Turkey and 175 countries, 950+ Industries, with profit margins up to 60% investment ranging from TRY 23 thousand - 400 million. Explore pre-screened Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Turkey with verified contact details, valuation details and business photographs. Join our 1,466,000+ member network to Buy or Invest in a Business in Turkey. Create a Business profile to Sell or finance your Business in Turkey.

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Metal Service Centers Company for Sale in Izmir, Turkey

For Sale: 100% export-oriented metal machining business with 11 global industrial clients in international sectors.
- Company manufactures industrial products used in 12 different sectors. - Raw material sourcing is 99.5 % from the domestic markets and we have leased a 1,300 sq mt factory in Izmir. - Our clients includes 11 global industrial companies and we are 100% export-oriented. We export to Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom. - The customer base is diversified into 12 industrial groups such as aerospace, automotive, construction, energy, flow control systems, generators & electric motors, heavy-duty machines, hydraulic, kitchen equipment, and utility equipment. - The operations continue in a rented building today, but our own factory building is under construction and is expected to be finished in the second quarter of next year. This new factory will have double the production capacity.
9.2   Izmir , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 3 million
EBITDA Margin 17 %
Business for Sale USD 5.5 million
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Machine Shop for Sale in İstanbul, Turkey

Manufacturing industrial products with 80% sales on B2B channel to the largest companies in Turkey.
- Firm manufactures industrial products used in metal handling. - Factory land and building are owned by the company and is highly valued. If desired, land & factory can be offered as a separate deal due to its high value. - We have a customer base more than 500 customers. - Also, customize products and solutions for our clients. - The total production capacity is 250 tonnes/month but we are currently working one shift. - Cater to automobile, casting, marine, steel, and construction segments. - We have a network of sales clients that are located in different cities. - We do not have any binding contracts with any companies. We work as and when we receive an order. - 80% of the sales are B2B sales to large factories. Remaining 20% are to small-size companies and to distributors. - Raw materials are sourced from 5+ companies located in Asia, Germany and France. - The manufacturing process is done in-house. - Customer base is diversified into several industrial groups among customers engaged in casting, shipyards, automotive parts, white goods, steel goods, construction equipment, and furniture.
9.2   İstanbul , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 2.8 million
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Business for Sale USD 11 million
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Drones Business Investment Opportunity in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul based manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots and automated guided vehicles seeking growth capital.
- Manufacture autonomous mobile robots and automated guided vehicles. - Have launched 5 vehicle models which can be used by clients in the automotive and logistics sector. - The unmanned vehicles have been developed and fabricated in-house and are equipped with our proprietary LIDAR navigation and remote control software. - Have partnered with several corporate companies include a large industrial conglomerate who have asked us to deploy our vehicles at over 60 of their facilities. - We have 4 clients including a premium automotive brand. - Have so far completed 3 projects under which we have installed 6 vehicles. - The average project size is € 43,000. - The business has received a funding grant from the Turkish Government under the Tübitak - Kosgeb program. - Have also won several technology awards. - The promoter has a master's degree in engineering and is currently pursuing a PhD. - The team consists of experienced engineers with deep technical knowledge.
8.6   Istanbul , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 120 thousand
EBITDA Margin 35 %
Financial Investment USD 330 thousand for 50% stake
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Steel Startup for Sale in Istanbul, Turkey

Pre-Revenue B2B e-commerce platform & application (Startup) for steel, machinery, logistics and construction industries.
- We are an online marketplace for trading steel, machinery, construction materials and provide freight & logistic services. - We currently host 150 accounts within the industries of steel, construction, logistics and machinery. With a sufficient budget and right marketing skills this startup can easily grow and generate revenue. - We planned on charging customers a monthly and annual subscription plan. Besides that, other companies can also promote their businesses on our platform and that could provide an additional stream of revenue for the business. - The business has a registered trademark. - Our platform has a running mobile application and a fully functioning website. The application is available on the Google Play Store and iOS store. - We have undertaken paid advertising through Google Adsense to promote our platform. Besides that, we also have a Facebook page for the business.
8.0   Istanbul , Turkey
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business for Sale USD 30 thousand
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Profitable Dairy Products Company for Sale in Sakarya, Turkey

For Sale: Well established dairy product company that makes varieties of cheese and butter.
- Well-established dairy product company that makes varieties of cheese and butter. - Company has two own factories located in Sakarya and Bi̇leci̇k Gölpazari. Both are certified under TSE, HACCP, and ISO 9001 standards, and produces cheddar cheese, white cheese, butter, and curd cheese. - Sakarya factory has a production capacity of 160 tons in 8 hours and the second factory has a production capacity of 80 tons in 8 hours. - One of the factories is specifically used for the production of white cheese only. - Products are manufactured under the company's own brand and have 3 distributors for supplying across Turkey and 1 distributor for exporting to other countries. - Products are available in the domestic market and stores such as A101, Migros, Metro, Hakmar, and Özdilek, - Company is eligible for tax refunds on exports to countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Jordan. - Factory is ready for production without any additional investment. If the buyer wishes to produce additional dairy products, it can be done with a few additional machinery.
8.0   Sakarya , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 7.2 million
EBITDA Margin 20 - 30 %
Business for Sale USD 4.5 million
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Warehousing Dealership Opportunity

Baqalaat, Established in 2017, 2 Dealers currently
  • 2000+ Page Views
  • 1000+ Investor Views
Baqalaat is a social commerce platform that focuses on providing high-quality fresh food directly from farms and suppliers to customers at extremely low prices. Our community leaders range from influencers, stay-at-home mums to grocery store owners. We aim to build the digital infrastructure of fresh food commerce through our mobile app on iOS and Android. We are democratizing the supply of food by shortening the gap between farmers, importers and suppliers, and the people. We seek city partners who would manage the entire logistics and support operation in their target territory.
9.8   Expanding in Ankara , Turkey
Expected Monthly Sales USD 100 thousand
Space Required 1500 - 3000 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 100 - 300 thousand
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Consulting Franchise Opportunity

Demoura Lawson Consulting, Established in 2017, 3 Franchisees currently
  • 6000+ Page Views
  • 2000+ Investor Views
At Demoura Lawson Consulting, we realize that our clients require holistic approaches in order to enhance the effectiveness of their operations. We support organizational leaders on all levels to develop strong, long term, and fully sustainable cultures in which health, safety, wellbeing, and the environment is at the core of their decision-making processes. We are also an IOSH approved organization and can support its partners with a host of high caliber training products and services. We have 3 branches in Newcastle, Dubai, and Doha (Qatar) and are looking to expand to more regions through franchising. Important Notice: Franchise requests depend on a set of acceptable criteria to be met within the country of operations. DMLC is very selective with the clients in which franchise agreements are made.
7.9   Expanding in Turkey
Expected Monthly Sales USD 8 thousand
Space Required 215 - 300 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 6.9 - 13.7 thousand
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Gaming Website Investment Opportunity in Istanbul, Turkey

9-year old business with 20+ mobile game apps seeks investment for marketing and expansion.
- Turkey-based mobile app development business that has been operational for 9 years. - We design and develop mobile games for Android and iOS mobiles. - Have more than 20 games on Android and iOS. - We develop new games almost every month but we release the games with high potential. - Each game is a separate app and we have 20 such gaming apps. - App downloads range from 100 to 15,000. We receive more downloads for free apps. - Google pays us for the app downloads and we also generate revenue from in-app purchases and ads. - Promoter has more than 15 years of experience in this industry.
6.3   Istanbul , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 13 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Financial Investment USD 66 thousand for 50% stake
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Hotel for Sale in Akçakoca, Turkey

For Sale: 10,000 sqm and 40 rooms hotel with 80-90% occupancy rate for 3 seasonal months.
- Hotel business in Akcakoca that has been operational for 10 years. - Hotel with 40 rooms, two swimming pools, a restaurant, grill area, sports area for volleyball and football, gardens and trees. - We receive around 8,000-10,000 guests during 3 months' season and every room could accommodate 4-5 guests with an extra bed. - If the business makes some small changes in facility and renovate, 100% of the investment would return in 2-3 years. - Facility has 80-90% occupancy rate during the season and 50-60% occupancy rate during the off season. - This is one of the well-known holiday spots. - This hotel is a self-catering type of accommodation and there is no daily room service or cleaning service required so it requires less staff and less effort to run the business. - This year we have done TRY 400K sales in just 3.5 months. - Business is operational but the occupancy rate is only 50% due to the pandemic, as a result, the sales are low.
7.1   Akçakoca , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 80 thousand
EBITDA Margin 38 %
Business for Sale USD 2.6 million
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Water Purifiers Company Investment Opportunity in Ankara, Turkey

Turkish firm engaged in the development and manufacture of disinfection and water treatment equipment.
- Engaged in the design, development, and manufacture of disinfection and water treatment equipment. - Our product lines are divided into 2 technologies i. e. electrophysics and electrodialysis. - The technology is proprietary and is a significantly safer alternative to traditional disinfection processes which typically use harsh chemical treatments. - Have applied for patents to protect our technology. - Have installed 8 machines at 5 client locations so far. - All 5 clients are private industrial corporations in Turkey. - In addition to this, we have recently secured an order from a Ukrainian industrial client. - We are also in the process of negotiating a water treatment contract with 2 municipalities in Turkey who are seeking our solutions to replace the chlorination process in treating their water supplies. - Physical assets include manufacturing equipment and inventory. - The promoter has over 2 decades of industry experience.
6.9   Ankara , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 700 thousand
EBITDA Margin 6 %
Financial Investment USD 300 thousand for 20% stake
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Industrial Machinery Sales Partner Opportunity

Zatpat Machines (A2Z Machine Services), Established in 2020, 2 Sales Partners currently
  • 4000+ Page Views
  • 2000+ Investor Views
Zatpat Machines is an online marketplace focused on metal, plastic and wood working industry. The company is registered in India but operates from Stuttgart, Germany. We aim to provide purchase and sale of machines, tools, spares and manufacturing material to these industries through our website. We are currently connecting European and Indian markets, however, we plan to go global and connect markets worldwide. We require sales partners in various countries to help us grow the company.
7.7   Expanding in Turkey
Expected Monthly Sales USD 1.7 thousand
Space Required 100 - 200 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 5.8 - 11.6 thousand
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Newly Established Restaurant for Sale in Dikili, Turkey

Non-operational Italian style pizza restaurant that has seating capacity for 16 customers.
The restaurant was recently established but due to COVID-19, we were not able to start our operations. We established the restaurant with the intention to provide Italian style pizzas and Turkish style patties to customers. We are looking to sell the assets along with the brand name of the business. Facility has a seating capacity for 16 customers. All our assets are brand new. Business owned assets include 1 large oven, 3 working tables, a fridge, 4 tables for customers, chairs and kitchen equipment. The interested buyer would have to move to a different location in order to start the restaurant.
6.5   Dikili , Turkey
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business for Sale USD 9 thousand
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Women's Apparel Store for Sale in Istanbul, Turkey

For Sale: Well established Istanbul based women's clothing store selling evening wear, dresses and gowns.
- Store is located on a shopping street that enjoys endless foot traffic at all hours. - The clothes are purchased from 2 wholesalers in Turkey. These 2 wholesalers are very popular and are known for their high quality clothing items. We have exclusive partnership with these 2 wholesalers in our area. - During the wedding and special events season (summer), we receive an average of 100 daily walk-ins. During the off season we receive an average of 40 daily walk-ins. - 60% of all walk-in customers end up purchasing a clothing item. 20% of the remaining 40% customers, end up coming back to the store after a few days to purchase a clothing item. - Our brand is well established and we have received customers Turkey, Europe, and the Gulf countries who fly in to purchase clothes from us. - Have also sold a few clothing pieces through our website and Instagram, but we focus mainly on selling through the retail store. - Physical assets are inventory and store interior setup. - Sale would include entire business and physical assets.
7.4   Istanbul , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 300 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Business for Sale USD 130 thousand
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Language Center for Sale in Istanbul, Turkey

For Sale: Language center for English and Turkish with 3 teachers and 14 rooms.
- We are a language training center for students to learn English and Turkish. - The center has two floors with 7 rooms on the ground floor and 7 rooms on the first floor. - We only use the ground floor, however, the upper room is available for when the business scales up. - There are 3 teachers in total for Turkish and English language courses. - The length of the courses is 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. - We receive 80 - 90 students on a monthly basis, however, after the current global situation, the number of students has fallen to 22 - 25 monthly. - As the situation returns to normal we expect to return to our usual numbers and grow as well. - For the last month after reopening our average monthly revenue was TRY 10,000, however, prior this we were making around TRY 50,000 on average monthly. - Buyer would receive the entire business along with website, furniture and teaching equipment.
7.1   Istanbul , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 80 thousand
EBITDA Margin 14 %
Business for Sale USD 10 thousand
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Profitable Fruit Drinks Company for Sale in Istanbul, Turkey

Leading cold pressed juice company in Turkey with online and offline sales channels.
- We are one of Turkey's top cold pressed juice manufacturers and sellers. - Produce over 16 different flavors of juice as well as complimentary products like nut milk, ginger shots and wheat-grass shots. - Our production facility is centrally located and produces 1,000 liters of juice per day. - Production facility has state of the art machinery that has been imported from America. - Company was established 6 years ago in Istanbul and we sell our products through both online and offline channels across Turkey. - We had two kiosks in two major shopping malls in Istanbul in a commercial area and an upscale residential area respectively. These kiosks have been temporarily shut down because of the current global situation. - Also have a tie up with Carrefour to provide them with our products in their retail stores. We have a 2 year contract with them that is renewable if both parties agree. - Apart from this we also have online sales channels through our website and social media accounts. - Due to the current global situation, people have been looking for healthy food and beverage options so our company has been rapidly growing despite having our two kiosks temporarily shut down. - Buyer would receive entire running business including machinery, manufacturing equipment, website and client contracts.
7.4   Istanbul , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 80 thousand
EBITDA Margin 23 %
Business for Sale USD 200 thousand
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Bakery Investment Opportunity in Izmir, Turkey

Bakery sells delicious cakes & coffee and is looking to start breakfast and lunch segment.
Firm runs a bakery that sells authentic Russian and European style cakes and coffee. Our bakery is located in the shopping area and we receive more than 100 customers every day. Our customers are locals and foreigners. Bakery setup currently has 40 seats but we have extra space to increase the capacity to 75 seats. Looking to raise funds to start the breakfast and lunch segment at the same facility. We plan to start serving Russian and European style breakfast and lunch. The food items would be toasts, sandwiches and pancakes. Business owned assets include oven, kitchen equipment and furniture.
6.6   Izmir , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 54 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 - 50 %
Financial Investment USD 33 thousand for 35% stake
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Hotel for Sale in Kuşadası, Turkey

For Sale: 5 star hotel in Kuşadası that has 133 rooms and a fully equipped spa center.
- Thanks to its unique natural beauty, geographical location and hospitality of the local people, Kuşadası is among the popular tourism centers. - The hotel has 133 rooms: 106 standard rooms, 16 family rooms, 6 suites, 1 king suite and 4 handicapped rooms. - There is a maximum bed capacity of 320 beds. - Under spa and wellness: 3 family baths (Thermal or fresh water according to preference), 6 treatment and massage rooms, 4 baths, 4 saunas, 2 steam rooms, relaxation section, serves between 09:00 - 19:00 with its bar, indoor pools (fresh and thermal water) and a professionally equipped fitness center. - The hotel is located within close proximity to The national park, the beach of Love, the ancient city of Ephesus, the Virgin Mary Church, Kuşadası Center, Pamukkale Center, Didim Center, Söke Center and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. - A free shuttle service is available from the hotel to the private public beach every day at certain times for the guests to use. There are sunbeds for the guests on the beach, and there is also the possibility of sunbathing in the grass area next to the beach. The pools have sunbathing areas, parasols, sun loungers, mattresses and towels. - Record an average occupancy rate of more than 80% during the high season, 50% during regular season and 30% during the low season. - Physical assets are property, interior setup and equipment. - Sale would include entire business and physical assets.
7.4   Kuşadası , Turkey
Run Rate Sales USD 4.8 million
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Business for Sale USD 14 million
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Hotel for Sale in Antalya, Turkey

Boutique hotel in Antalya located near a beach and has historical sites around the hotel.
The boutique hotel has market presence for 30 years. It is located 1 km away from the beach and there are many historical sites in the area. The hotel is operational throughout the year except during winters. It receives highest customers during summers. The hotel is currently closed due to COVID-19. The hotel is spread on 3 floors with 35 rooms and has a total of 75 beds. Total size of the land is 2,550 sq mt of which 850 sq mt has the hotel infrastructure and rest 1,700 sq mt is an open area for car parking. Ground investigation / inspection of the building & property has been done by professionals. Business does not have any loan / debt. Business owned assets include land & building, furniture and office equipment. This opportunity is also lucrative for foreign buyers. A foreign buyer can get a Turkish citizenship by investing in this property. Company is only looking to sell the property, assets and operations of the business. The legal entity and brand name will not be a part of sale.
7.7   Antalya , Turkey
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business for Sale USD 1.6 million
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