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Yachts and Boats Company Seeking Loan in Prague, Czech Republic

Executes marine wildlife conservation project through VIP adventure, catamaran, filming, photography, traveling, global education, researches.
- A film production company based in the Netherlands with a representative in Amsterdam and in Prague, Czechia. - We are looking for investors, co-producers, and partners for the project. Investors can buy corporate bonds registered with the Czech National Bank. - We produce documentary series focused on the conservation of marine life, coral reefs, and wildlife in 4K resolution from the sky, land, and underwater with quality shots. - We record the effects of climate change on ocean warming, water acidity, the quality of coral reefs. - The budget for one hourly documentary is on average EUR 200,000 - EUR 250,000. - The loan/investment amount starts at EUR 10,000 to EUR 1,000,000. - The entire amount will be used to purchase a catamaran and its equipment. The catamaran will be a guarantee for the investor. - The plan is to film for 8 months onboard the catamaran and visit remote islands untouched by civilizations. - Worldwide distribution to television channels, worldwide promotion through social networks, promotion through project partners. Extensive marketing activities for partners and investors. - Collaboration with scientists, marine biologists, universities, and project partners. - For 5 years we will be filming in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and Fiji (Melanesia). - The motivation for audiences is to understand the importance of balance and protect marine life. - The organizer is an award-winning director, cameraman, photographer, scuba diving instructor with more than 20 years of experience. - So far, we have completed 10 documentaries along with many short videos and photos from Costa Rica, Maldives, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Saint Lucia, Tahiti and its islands, and Mauritius. We are broadcast worldwide. - We have won more than 90 awards at international film festivals in Europe, and the USA.
Executes marine wildlife conservation project through VIP adventure, catamaran, filming, photography, traveling, global education, researches.
7.8   Amsterdam
Run Rate Sales
EUR 168 thousand
10 - 20 %
Business Loan
EUR 100 K at 10% interest
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Entertainment Production Company Seeking Loan in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Startup to conduct live concerts for upcoming artists and produce television ads for companies.
- We are a start up company that will be organizing live concerts and make television ads. - We aim to organize concert for upcoming artist and shoot television ads for established companies including Unilever. - The studio for ad films and space for concert would either be bought by us or will be taken on long term lease. - We plan to take up 600 square meters studio and 2,900 square meters beach club for concert. - Founder of the company has over 15 years of experience.
Startup to conduct live concerts for upcoming artists and produce television ads for companies.
8.3   Amsterdam
Run Rate Sales
Business Loan
EUR 8.5 Mn at 12% interest
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