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Newly Established Medical Software Company Investment Opportunity in Columbus, United States

Company offers solution connecting healthcare agencies with healthcare professionals, serving more than 5 agencies.
- Newly established company having developed a software which connects healthcare agencies and healthcare professionals. - Healthcare Agencies: It helps healthcare agencies to verify on boarding and schedule of employees. Basically it is a SaaS platform which helps agencies track employee performance data, employee records, appraisal chart and also helps track patient visits. We have a monthly subscription plans for agencies- Basic, Delux, Premium, Professional. Have 5 agencies registered with us. - Healthcare professionals / Caregivers: We have developed a mobile app for caregivers which has more than 100 downloads. Caregivers can instantly access jobs posted by agencies. They can choose patient visits based on their skills and schedule. They can track and get instant payments from agencies directly to their account based on the job they choose. Have more than 100 healthcare professional registered with us. - We have a team of 50 in India that do all the coding and programming. We have a manager who handles the operations there and we always talk on Skype and share screen to see project's progress level. - Promoter has over 10 years of IT experience.
9.5   Columbus
Run Rate Sales
USD 14.4 thousand
7 %
Financial Investment
USD 50 thousand for 20% stake
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Medical Software Company Investment Opportunity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Chronic disease management startup / tele-healthcare technology startup to generate monthly revenue from subscribed patients.
- This is a telehealthcare startup for population health management to be setup in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), on-site and remote, that would help to effectively preventing, evaluating, treating and monitoring patients, who are having chronic illness or need to engage in a comprehensive disease prevention program for diseases like obesity, muscle and joint pain, respiratory problems. - In 2017 alone 4% of SAADA patients (all United Arab Emirates Nationals) accounted for 22% of the health spending on chronic disease management programs. These programs have been introduced based on the prevalence of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) which is particularly high in United Arab Emirates where NCDs account for 76% of all deaths, more than 17% of the population suffers from diabetes (20-79 YoY), 35% are overweight, and cardiovascular diseases are up to 3 times higher than in some developed countries. - Chronic disease management can benefit immensely from investments in ambulatory care centers, dedicated. Programs that allow home care, and remote monitoring can considerably lower costs instead of occupying inpatients beds. In addition, tele-health could also support patient’s monitoring post-surgery or discharge. - Companies can use this cloud platform for employee wellness enhancement and disease prevention program. - A comprehensive and customizable cloud-based information CarePortal designed for physicians, healthcare providers and patients. - The web based software includes the technology to provide support through creating alarms and alerts for individual patients or patient groups at individualized thresholds to provide actionable notifications. Alarms / Alerts can be sent via email or SMS, and can be assigned to multiple individuals (physician, case manager, nurse) - Automated patient reminders to improve treatment adherence, including medication and testing reminders.
8.3   Dubai
Run Rate Sales
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 1.3 million for 10% stake
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