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Profitable Agriculture Company Investment Opportunity in Kerala, India

Investment Opportunity In A Vannamei Culture Farming In Kerala Spread Across 80 Acres Of Land.
Company was engaged in conventional prawn farming with a very low stocking density for the last few years which is now modernising and diverting to vannamei culture. The farm modernisation exercise began in the year 2011 and completed in 2014. During this phase, the farm was closed for remodelling and the revenue figures are not big, around Rs 1 crore sales from casual / natural collection of fish and prawns. Vannamei culture will increase the revenue significantly. Development activities on the farm has been completed in the entire area and now the farm is ready for high tech farming. The company propose to start VANNAMIE culture ( Whilte legged prawn ) in the farm in January 2015 for enabling first harvest within 5 months. There will be two crops per year. There will be about 400 to 500 tons production per year valued at Rs 15 crores. Investors are welcome to visit our farm in Kerala and see for themselves the business potential of this venture. Company has already secured the licence from Coastal Aquaculture Authority, Government of India for prawn farming and now the licence for Vannamei culture is also obtained. So far we are the only farm in Kerala to get a licence. All the additional assets have been acquired by the company except for the Aerators. Vannamei culture is a continuous activity which involves heavy investment at the initial stage and recurring expenses for the crop period of five to six months. For last two years company has been working on various developments as per directions of Coastal Aquaculture Authority who are the authorised agency for issuing Vannamei Licence. We have already completed the below. Earthwork for construction of ponds by machinery ( using Proclainer, Water inlet structures for the pond, Main outlet sluices, Pump house, Laboratory and stores, Watchman shed, Pump, Additional Electrical installations / Power Supply, Generators and installation charges, Reservoir, Crab Fencing, Bird scare / Birdnet and Dewatering Pump House.
7.6   Kerala
Run Rate Sales
USD 2.1 million
50 %
Financial Investment
USD 1.2 million for 25% stake
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