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Small Air Purification Business Seeking Loan in Bangalore, India

Business trading in air purifiers, purchasing from a US based manufacturer and selling it in Bangalore.
- A business trading in air purifiers, based in Bangalore. - We purchase the air purifiers from a single manufacturer in USA. - Currently selling it directly to individual customers. We have setup a sales team that sell door-to-door. - We intend to begin selling to businesses - corporate offices and industrial factories. - We have a variety of purifiers which are very compact. The largest version is 1x1 feet. - Due to growing pollution we expect an increase in demand for our products across India. - Business is not yet profitable.
7.5   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales
USD 10 thousand
Operating at break even
Business Loan
USD 13 thousand at 15% interest
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Profitable Water Purifiers Company for Sale in Ahmedabad, India

Business selling water and air purifiers to B2C market, and have also pitched to B2B clients.
- Business selling water and air purifiers, based in Ahmedabad. - Business was incorporated in 2015, but only started selling products in 2019. - We get the products manufactured from a third party manufacturer. - We have 3 product lines - 1) Can cover 1,000 Sq. Ft, 2) Can cover 500 Sq. Ft. and 3) Multi purpose - Air and Water purifier. - Products are sold to B2C and B2B market. - Have sold 25 units to individual customers by marketing on facebook and other social platforms. Customers place orders directly with us. - For the B2B market, we have pitched to hospitals, hotels and the airport in Pune. The deal is yet to be finalized. - Physical assets include 20 units of stock. - Sale would include entire business, contact details of manufacturer, stock, potential B2B and B2C client list.
6.5   Ahmedabad
Run Rate Sales
USD 3.2 thousand
30 - 40 %
Full Sale
USD 33 thousand
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Air Purification Company Investment Opportunity in New Delhi, India

Unique innovative patented powerful solutions to clean whole city air pollution indoor & outdoor.
- Recognized as IIT Delhi Incubated startup. - We have created an innovative revolutionary car-mounted air cleaning system. - 2 patent granted for ambient detachable vehicle-mounted air purifier. - Innovative and world's most affordable internal air purifier, innovative individual mask purifier and car air purifier. - Product has been tested and found very powerful for cleaning city air. - We intend to manufacture the product under our own brand name. - Our company is a government certified research group. - The promoter is a serial innovator and has invented various successful products including a mobile pathology lab kit that can be mounted on two-wheelers.
7.1   New Delhi
Run Rate Sales
USD 8 thousand
40 %
Financial Investment
USD 660 thousand for 10% stake
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Air Purification Company Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Importer of US patented pollution control product useful for DG set, boilers, furnace, veichales.
- USA product approved by NHPC, NTPC, GAIL, BHEL, TATA, Vodafone, Coca-cola. - Clients more than 5000. - Promoter is importer and distributor for 3 countries from 12 years.
6.4   Delhi
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.6 million
10 - 20 %
Financial Investment
USD 330 thousand for 25% stake
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