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Alternative Medicine Facility Investment Opportunity in New Jersey, United States

Holistic wellness ayurvedic centers operating in 4 locations in New Jersey and have 8 partner centers.
- With deep passion towards Ayurveda, our brand was originated in Delhi, India in the year 1998. - From the beginning, our commitment to high quality service and personalized attention to ensure customer satisfaction helped in building and steadily expanding our customer base. - Worldwide acceptance of Yoga, drive towards total mind-body wellness supported by vegan and organic movements triggered explosive growth in the western world. - To leverage the momentum, we strategically expanded to the US in 2007. - We are operating on positive cash flows at all locations. Currently we have core facilities operated directly by the company in 4 locations in New Jersey and 8 partner centers in US spread over New York, Texas, Illinois and Wisconsin. - The objective of satellite centers were to create proof of concepts, establish as a house hold brand name, educate and be ready for the future to rapidly expand. - We have done significant market analysis on gaps and consider substantial opportunity for growth in targeted segments which we plan to realize through the expansion plan. - Our expansion plan is strategic as well as tactical in nature to become global standard for Ayurveda.
8.0   New Jersey
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.4 million
10 - 20 %
Financial Investment
USD 1.3 million for 25% stake
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Profitable CAM Healthcare Company Seeking Loan in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Modern health solutions to classic back and spinal pain having track record of 10 years.
- We're located in Johor Bahru ( JB ), a city of over 800,000 with a large middle class. - JB has only 5 chiropractic centers, including ours. - Prevalence of the problems that chiropractors treat continues to increase. - Medical costs in Malaysia are rising at double-digit rates. ( 11.5% in 2016, 12.7% in 2017 ) - Given the above four points, a skillful Chiropractor in JB who can communicate their message to patients effectively will be very successful during these changing times. - Our Company's Founder & Managing Director has a total of 17 years experience owning and managing multiple high-volume chiropractic centers in Johor Bahru. - A 10-year track record of profitability validates our business model and operational competency. - We are relocating our established practice from an office tower to a shop lot. Reason: Better Accessibility. - We have hundreds of active patients waiting for the new facility to open. We will be treating patients on the first day we open the new location. - We are very well-practiced in all marketing and sales processes. Success in these key areas will be a matter of execution and we’ve successfully executed these procedures countless times in the past. - The business model is tried and true, the new location is a strategic advantage, and our financial projections are grounded on a mountain of experience.
8.4   Johor Bahru
Run Rate Sales
USD 210 thousand
35 %
Business Loan
USD 120 thousand at 20% interest
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