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Animal Breeding Franchise Opportunity

Erets Agro, Established in 2018, 15 Franchisees currently
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Erets Agro is an agricultural company in Karnataka, India. It is one of the fastest growing agro company and aiming to become a trustworthy company and we firmly believe that we will make the most of the efforts of our team and strengthen our relationship with farmers and investors. Farmers are the backbone of our nation and play a vital role in our nation's economic development. We aim to re-establish farming practices and provide farmers with livestock and a few specified crops to be cultivated, grown and harvested. We are committed to the overall economic development of the farmers and partners of the company. We provide livestock farming products such as kadaknath chicken, goat, quail and fish. Framers would cultivate and we'll buy eggs and chicken and sell it to processing companies.
  Looking to expand in India
Expected Monthly Sales
USD 2.8 thousand
Space Required
200 - 800 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 5.7 - 71.2 thousand
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Profitable Animal Breeding Business Seeking Loan in Grzegorzewice, Poland

Organic snail processing and breeding plant that caters to the French market.
- We have a farm and factory that was opened in 2017 to meet the highest standard for organic snail production. - Have become on of the world leaders in the bio segment with all certifications required to meet EU and global standards. - We breed over 100 ton of snails for meat and 400 ton of snails in total. - Company has two verticals, one which sells snails for meat and the other is a cosmetic brand using snail products. - We have intensively studied the possibilities of using snail-derived materials, like lyophilized slime and lyophilized roe for our cosmetics. - Supplying our snail meat product to 3 companies with 5 more are signing on within the next 2 months.
9.0   Grzegorzewice
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.9 million
38 %
Business Loan
USD 1.3 million at 10% interest
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Profitable Animal Breeding Business Investment Opportunity in Aydın Province, Turkey

Sheep farming business planning to increase herd size and implement technological management solutions.
- We are running a sheep farming business in Turkey and are currently operating with 100 heads. - We plan to increase it from 100 heads to 1,000 heads. - There is a huge demand of sheep in the market and we receive high order demand on a regular basis. - Founder has over 10 years of experience in this industry. - We are planning to implement technological herd management systems to help us manage much bigger herd and maximize turn over and profitability.
7.1   Aydın Province
Run Rate Sales
USD 20 thousand
50 %
Financial Investment
USD 250 thousand for 40% stake
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