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All Terrain Vehicles Manufacturing Company Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

A Startup Automobile Company of All Terrain Vehicles successfully running in market seeks investment.
A Startup company currently working on R&D of 1800cc ATV. The R&D is completed and fabrication of the first prototype is about to start. Currently, we are selling 500cc and 800cc successfully in the market. Prospective clients list include Defense & Police, Agriculture, Adventure tourism, Coastal patrolling & Beach rescue, Hilly area hospitals, Forest patrolling, Mining and Construction. We have complete R&D Technology with an in-house tool to take and develop any job from Bicycle to Airplane. Competitors in the Indian market of ATV manufacturing are: Polaris Motors, Nebula Motors, Harison Motors, Avigna Motors, Adventure Wheels, Power Sport, Xtreme Ways. Leading manufacturers around the world are Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, Suzuki Kawasaki etc. To compete the competitors some of the key features of our ATV are: 1. The new concept of Roll Cage design with Roll Over Protection. 2. Low manufacturing and selling cost as compared to other companies. 3. Safety features: Compact & safe Roll cage, Easy & quick ext possible, Adjustable steering wheel, Sealed firewalls between the fuel cell and driver compartment, Fuel tank insulated by asbestos sheets. 4. Sleek and aerodynamic design of Roll cage. 5. Rotors used for racing will be slotted or drilled discs. 7. Clear visibility of 18 & 7 degrees, up and down respectively with respect to driver's zero degrees horizontal view. 8. The brakes have been designed to lock up all 4 wheels while minimizing the cost and weight. 9. Better stability properties for the cars as the tires on the outside maintain more contact with the road surface. 10. Tread design is developed to provide exceptional traction in dirt, gravel, hard pack and light mud terrains.
8.8   Delhi
Run Rate Sales
USD 260 thousand
20 - 30 %
Financial Investment
USD 70 thousand for 10% stake
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Entertainment Production Business Investment Opportunity in Prague, Czech Republic

An award winning film and photography production business, selling documentaries throughout the world.
- We produce documentary films focused on nature, marine life and wildlife protection. - Completed 12 documentaries till date along with numerous short videos and photography. - Budget for each documentary costs around USD 200,000. - Every year we spend 7 months on a catamaran visiting several locations untouched by civilization. - Have distributors in New York and Czech Republic to distribute our projects worldwide. - We sell our projects (broadcasting rights) at around 2,000 USD per year in each country. - For each documentary we hire technicians and assistants depending on the project. - Received more than 80 awards at an International film festivals in Czech Republic, Europe and USA. - We believe our work can motivate the audience to understand the importance of balance of marine life and protect it. - Some of the places we already covered are Costa Rica, Maldives, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Saint Lucia, Tahiti and Her Islands, Mauritius. - We also offer global promotion and wide marketing activity services. - Promoter is a Director, Cinematographer (DoP), Photographer, Scuba Instructor with more than 10 years of experience. - We're looking for a co-producer, partner, investor for a new five-year project. - We will shoot in places like Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Fiji in the next 5 years. - In five years we will create 10 documentaries in 4K resolution from the sky, land and under water with quality footage, photos and books.
7.6   Prague
Run Rate Sales
USD 168 thousand
15 %
Financial Investment
USD 1.2 million for 40% stake
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