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IT Services Company Investment Opportunity in Gurgaon, India

Media / Audio / Video-To-Documentation / Subtitling for Corporates companies & also Audio / Video production + editing Studio.
- The company has an exclusive right to Principal contract with one of the world's biggest MNCs in the Media-to-documentation solutions (Transcription, Subtitling, captioning) field, (and two smaller content supplier clients), dealing in providing transcription service: converting Audio / Video content to documents - Transcription, and Subtitling / Captioning - Movies, YouTube, Media. - The Director / Owner is a top Indian B-School post-graduate MBA (Marketing and HR) and has widely been recognized in the transcription industry as a domain expert, an excellent Independent Contractor, and is the Master Quality Assurer and actively involved every day in the business, and has worked previously as a brand manager with Reebok. - Have a contract with MNC with end users such as HP / Microsoft / American Express- for preparing their documents. - The business serves government agencies and even stock agencies such as Nasdaq listed as their end-user of transcription services. - We are looking to add verticals of Audio / Video editing and production via an Audio / Video studio - since our clients have those needs, and to add a small computer equipment based setup for the Web and Mobile App Development. - We get paid in USD $ per audio / video minute at high rates and employ and train cost-effective labour and are planning to expand our KPO setup to reach 100 audio hours a day, with a daily revenue of 1.92 lakhs and a monthly revenue of 46.08 lakhs (26 working days) and a Net Profit after all costs before Taxation of Rs 18.43 lakhs a month and above, as we will look to add to clients who pay much more than the very cheap rates we prepare documents at presently. - The valuation of this business on the basis of present and future cash flow - CA certified, and all operations in real-time are reflected online and on banking as well, along with taxation legacy at a smaller scale in past years - is Rs 8 Crores INR. - The contract with the major client is what's considered a goldmine in the industry- a client with the ability to give us 100 audio hours a day of content- is running successfully with on-paper evidence of goodwill, and we are saving the client considerable money at our cut-price costs - negotiated and growing since 2016-17 FY due to the Director's two-year-old association with the client itself is worth Rs 20 lakhs net profit per month in a period of 24 months of recruitment and training drives to keep scaling up the present automated model.
7.6   Gurgaon
Run Rate Sales
USD 50 thousand
30 - 40 %
Financial Investment
USD 100 thousand for 30% stake
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