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Mobile Apps Company Investment Opportunity in Bangkok, Thailand

Sports-fan engagement platform that enables clubs to effectively grow their fan-base while boosting their revenue.
- We are a software startup which is registered under the Thai Board of Investment (BOI) - Our innovative solution provides sports teams with a new effective way to increase fan engagement and loyalty while increasing their profit and unlocking new revenue streams. - The platform would list professional sports clubs and their fans which would give venue information, list sponsors, fans can oppose referee's decision and also provide alerts during emergency. - Our product is in the market introduction stage. We have already finished developing an MVP (including: iOS & Android app versions plus the team's control panel) containing all core features necessary for the product to be of use to our customers and succeed in the market. - We have conducted initial inspections (both functionality and usability) of the finished product and the tests were proved to be extremely successful. - Revenue model: monthly subscription charges from clubs (billed annually). We offer several packages that can fit any sports team, of any size. - Marketing strategy: Related partners, third-party distributors, email campaigns, social media, behavioural re-marketing, sports marketing events. - Promoters are Israelis and have more than 20 years of industry experience.
7.6   Bangkok
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 160 thousand for 20% stake
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