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Brewery Investment Opportunity in Constanța, Romania

Company seeking funds to renovate a property into a craft beer restaurant, in Constanta Romania.
- Promoters are already operating a business which deals in selling bio tech products through an online platform. - Planning to get into restaurant and brewery business as it is one of the competitive business right now in Romania. - Have taken lease of a single floor building having a built up area of 2,000 Sq. Ft. for 20 years. It is a high traffic location that connects city center to the beach. The surrounding properties are well established 3 star hotels. - The property is taken on lease through the existing company name. Once a new company is incorporated for this craft beer restaurant, we would transfer the asset documents in the new company's name. - In talks with Ursus Breweries for setting up the brew station at our restaurant. This brewery will be capable of producing 30,000 Litres per month. We are planning to have a staff of 40 member team for restaurant operations. - Restaurant will be having a seating capacity of 550 pax, and we are also planning to setup a rooftop garden, which would further increase the seating capacity of the restaurant. - Planning to host weekly events such as music concerts and stand up shows to keep the crowd engaged and to promote the place better. We are also in talks with local radio and TV broadcast station to promote our events. - The restaurant is expected to commence operations in the next 4-5 months We are seeking investment for completing the renovation and to focus on procurement of brewery and restaurant facilities. Investor would be given a percentage stake in the company and returns for the investment will be through monthly dividends and share in yearly profit.
7.2   Constanța , Constanța County
Run Rate Sales
USD 34 thousand
35 %
Financial Investment
USD 340 thousand for 15% stake
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