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Social Network Website Investment Opportunity in Greater Noida, India

Mobile platform bridging the gap between general public & public representatives.
- We are a mobile enbled civic tech platform that connects the public to the concerned authority to raise their voice on any social issue faced by them. We are operating through an app available on Android platform. - Have 850 politicians which includes MPs, MLAs and counselors and 1,000 users on board our platform. - We are operational in Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow and are expanding their reach into other cities as well. - Have resolved 9 issues through crowd sourcing and surveys involving over 7,000 people. - We are also associated with the Uttar Pradesh government and Central government as data partners. - Our revenue model involves various phases including public insight charge wherein we undertake analysis of the constituency of concerned politician and location based advertisement as well. - We were dependent on organic marketing for the initial stages but now we are moving to active marketing of our concept. - Our venture is incubated at Atal Incubation Centre with an office space of 14,000 Sq. Ft. under the NITI Aayog scheme wherein we give them 3% equity in lieu of the space provided by them. - Promoter is a young social entrepreneur having one more social venture and has over 7 years of experience in the relevant field.
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Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 200 thousand for 10% stake
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