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Building, Construction and Maintenance Company Investment Opportunity in Maldives

Boat yard company operated by a highly experienced promoter seeks seed funding.
- Company wants to set up a boat yard / Slipway which will mainly serve the fishing industries and Tourism. Facilities are. - Slipway, Full Machine Workshop. - Retail Outlet - fully stocked offers a complete range of marine products and hardware for commercial and residential use. - Highly Qualified staff. Services are. - Dry-docking. - Repair and maintenance. - Welding and Galvanising. - Marine Refrigeration / Air Conditioning. - Electrical / Mechanical / Electronics. - Crew Facilities / Accommodation. - Will be providing services for cargo and logistics. - Have acquired a land of 50,000 Sq Ft at a prime location for 50 years beside the bay and will be easily accessible by the market businesses. - The yard will have a capacity of holding 500 tonnes of weight which can be further increased. - We are expecting to generate a high revenue by the end of financial year since this would be only yard in our location. - Investment will start yielding returns in 2 - 3 years. - Post the investment we would take 4 months to complete the constructions and start the business. - Promoters / Directors have 22+ years of experience in same field. - Project / Investment can be developed in phases.
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Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 1 million for 70% stake
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