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Profitable Surveillance Devices Company Investment Opportunity in New York, United States

Company is a recognized pioneer, leader and first mover in the security technology market.
The Company’s product portfolio includes its unique flagship security product that is patented and recognized as superior by Public and Private Customers. Product Vendor of Record for DHS – The Company is a Government Services Administration (GSA) authorized Small Business Vendor and is the Product Vendor of Record on the U. S. Department of Homeland Security Approved Equipment List (AEL. Company has sold thousands of units and generated millions in revenue despite highly constrained financial and human resources; demonstrating a proven need for the Company’s products in the marketplace. Interest and inquiries into the Company and its products continue to increase. The Company also has developed strategic relationships with key government entities and completed a number of projects for large blue-chip clients in the private sector. The Company currently has profit margins in excess of 65. The opportunity for further efficiency exists with a manufacturing partner, and recurring revenue streams are opened with a service-oriented partner. The Company’s target marketplace includes tens of millions of unprotected access points throughout the United States alone, representing a market opportunity exceeding $20B, which remains untapped. The Company has proprietary technology and strategic political relationships that are critical for maintaining a dominant position in this market.
8.0   New York
Run Rate Sales
USD 3 million
60 %
Financial Investment
USD 15 million for 50% stake
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