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Mobile Apps Company Investment Opportunity in Ranchi, India

An IT company involved in software development and IT services, seeking funds for a new project.
- We are an IT Company and work on Software, Website, Apps, Graphics, Animation, CMS, IMS, Security, Digital Marketing, Data warehousing, Training and Empowerment. - Our area of operations expand to Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Patna, Ranchi, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Pune. - Company requires funds for a new project that the company is introducing. - The project involves 3 phases: 1 ) Financial Solutions: Its our primary project which involves multi-functional services. - The company will have a website, app and would setup kiosks in various locations for easy access of the services we provide. - Services include recharge, pay bills, book tickets, avail loans from different banks and an eCommerce website which will have third party vendors. 2 ) Healthcare: We will be dealing with pathology care, services, mobile van, patient pickup services and research and laboratory associations, all through the website and app. 3 ) F&B, Classifieds and logistics: We will provide an app connecting various restaurants and hotels for online food ordering. - We will provide services such as listing businesses near you and direct job, product, service listings and logistics through our logistics partner. - Our mobile application will be available both on iOS and Android platforms.
7.6   Ranchi
Run Rate Sales
USD 800 thousand
0 - 10 %
Financial Investment
USD 2.8 million for 20% stake
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