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Construction Materials Company Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Manufacturer of Highway Safety Barriers, Steel Panels for roofing, walls & flooring having international partnerships.
- Company is one of the leading manufacturer and installer of metal building product and highway crash barrier systems. - It has been in this business since 1997 and was founded in 1982. - Major Clients include PWD, PSU (NTPC, BHEL, B&R) and Private clients include L&T, Gammon, G&D, Simplex, Oriental, Tata, Reliance and other major infrastructural contractors and companies. Good experience and exposure in exporting products to other South Asian Countries and the Middle East. - Company's products are on the approved and a specified list of corporate, Government Department, PSU. - Getting on the approved list of vendors / suppliers is a tedious process and ensures regular orders from these organizations. - We have completed over 500 projects till date and have been a leader in introducing several innovative metal construction products with international technologies. -Earliest company to introduce innovative roofing panels for residential roofing. -Technology agreement with a US-based company to introduce their Patient Roofing panel. -Technology Agreements with a European company for tested guardrail systems for highways. -Introduced highway safety barrier 16 years ago on National Highway Projects. -Established roofing distributor in Northern India for 18 years. -Annual business of Rs 28-30 Cr and carry forward in hand business of 100% of the total revenue at the moment. - Expect Rs. 50-60 Cr revenue in the coming year.
9.6   Rewari
Run Rate Sales
USD 4 million
10 - 20 %
Financial Investment
USD 4 million for 100% stake
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