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Importer & Exporter of Food Products Company Investment Opportunity in Melbourne, Australia

Export business with Indian groceries, Ready to Eat Foods, Instant Mixes, Spices and Masalas.
Company is in the FMCG industry and it is was engaged in exporting ready to eat food products to the countries like Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore. Company’s main objects are currently divided into two one is to process the raw oats and market under its own Brand and the other is to process the imported raw oats of good quality and to provide third party packaging to the other well known major brands. Company is also under the process of designing new products of Oats, as it has identified the Oats as a medically proven healthy supplement. The idea of the company is to project the market differently and introduce new kind of breakfast cereals into the market domestically and internationally as well. As our company is in the industry of FMCG customer satisfaction is our major philosophy. We follow the traditional rule customer is the king of Market and we also get the remarks sooner if the customer is not satisfied with our product. We are striving our best to provide good qualify products to the consumer with reasonable price to make our customers healthy with addition to their economic value by selling our products with affordable prices. We have a strong brand and have also done enough ground work and R&D to succeed in this market. This is the right time to invest and enter this 350 crore oats market which is growing leaps and bounds.
7.6   Melbourne , Victoria
Run Rate Sales
USD 470 thousand
20 %
Financial Investment
USD 300 thousand for 25% stake
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