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Newly Established Private Equity Business Investment Opportunity in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Company planning to invest in portfolios of companies in Europe and South America.
Currently we are investing in several companies: Located in Brazil: 1. Healthcare: - An advanced system of technology and information, assisting 4,500 emergency care per month and 1200. Hospitalizations per month. - More than 40 medical specialities and a big infrastructure with 3 multistorey blocks. - Teaching and research institute. - Units of intensive care: general, neurological, cardiac and vascular, supported by specialized team and advanced technology of diagnosis. Located in Portugal: 1. Finance and Exchange Services: - Creation and participation in financial companies. - Operates in Portugal, Angola, France, Namibia and others. - Distribution network has more than 140 agencies, furthermore 300 agents sale points. 2. Technology: - A software consumer development company in areas such as: Finance, Entertainment, Health and Insurance. - Products: Short term loans, E-wallet, Market Place-App Money-gateway, Live streaming platform e. g. We seek investment opportunities in markets that have suffered an economic crisis, resulting in a reallocation of investments with significant potential in asset pricing and high value opportunities. We invest in companies from several different geographies, diversifying the risk. We make businesses in diverse areas such as: Industrial, Health Care, Real Estate, Financial and Entertainment. The investor has the opportunity to access a diversified portfolio, without incurring the risk to attend a sole sector. We are focused on leveraging long standing relationships with counterparties to source opportunities, a stream lined approval process, an efficient asset management strategy and the continual evaluation of exit strategies. We are a SOPARFI which is a common vehicle dedicated to holding and financing activities in Luxembourg. Company projects an average monthly return of EUR 400,000.
8.9   Luxembourg City
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 45 million for 25% stake
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Alternative Medicine Facility Investment Opportunity in New Jersey, United States

Holistic wellness ayurvedic centers operating 4 locations in New Jersey and 2 locations in NY.
- With deep passion towards Ayurveda, our brand was originated in Delhi, India in the year 1998. - From the beginning, our commitment to high quality service and personalized attention to ensure customer satisfaction helped in building and steadily expanding our customer base. - Worldwide acceptance of Yoga, drive towards total mind-body wellness supported by vegan and organic movements triggered explosive growth in the western world. - To leverage the momentum, we strategically expanded to the US in 2007. - We are operating on positive cash flows at all locations. Currently we have core facilities operated directly by the company in 4 locations in New Jersey and 2 locations in New York including Manhattan and 4 partner centers in US spread over Texas, Illinois and Wisconsin. - The objective of satellite centers were to create proof of concepts, establish as a house hold brand name, educate and be ready for the future to rapidly expand. - We have done significant market analysis on gaps and consider substantial opportunity for growth in targeted segments which we plan to realize through the expansion plan. - Our expansion plan is strategic as well as tactical in nature to become global standard for Ayurveda. There is a high demand for Holistic Treatments in US. If anyone is willing to join on equity basis by investing $20 million, we can open 3 premium centers in East, West, Mid West and nearly 100 Satellite Centers all across US.
8.9   New Jersey
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.4 million
15 %
Financial Investment
USD 20 million for 49% stake
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