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Ecommerce Website for Sale in Sofia, Bulgaria

For Sale: Top online & offline board game store in Bulgaria.
- Based in the ever growing metropolis Sofia. - Clean bills, no debts, constant cash flow. - ROI 3.5-4.5 years even with most pessimistic growth. With proper investments and expenses optimization I'd expect less than 3 years. - Includes well managed stock covering 2-3 months, assets and a half-paid leased car for over 95,000 EUR. - Most popular tabletop retailer in the country, with plenty of room for expansion. - Online & offline store for tabletop games since 2103. - Well known, good and loyal customer base (4500+ registered customers). - Attracts tourists with interest in the hobby while visiting Sofia. - Good base of customers from neighboring countries and occasionally from across Europe. - 30-40% average profit per product, can be immediately improved by up to 2% with stock payment optimization. - The physical retail store is located in the wide central area with huge street windows, easily accessible by subway and bus lines, also in walking distance from the top center of the city. - Has very low competition due to presence of very few such stores in the country. One major competitor. - Experienced staff (owner can provide remote buyer support until current staff can handle it). - Accounting is outsourced, as usual in the country. Reputable accounting firm. - Business in great B2B relations with nearly all distributors in Europe, great stock flow. - Own import, EORI, VAT-registered. - In the store, we serve 20-40 customers a day (outside high season) plus 10-15 shipments on a daily basis. - Emerging EU market, underdeveloped local market, with top notch YoY growth worldwide, an expansion opportunities in nearby countries like Greece, Macedonia & Serbia. - Comes with solid expansion plans, TBS after a deal. - Have our own popular online store for trading. - Have own grown Facebook social page with over 21k own-grown likes. Also blog, Twitter and Instagram pages. - Great SEO, top in nearly all related searches.
8.4   Sofia , Bulgaria
Run Rate Sales
USD 430 thousand
35 %
Full Sale
USD 450 thousand
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Computer Training Franchise Opportunity

Intita, Established in 2010, 1 Franchisee currently
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IT Academy "Intita" has been operating in the educational services market since 2010. Hundreds of programmers were trained by the professional team of Academy. We offer the opening of IT Academy "Intita" - a private educational institution for training competitive IT professionals ( programmers, web designers, QA ) whose qualifications will meet the current requirements of the IT industry and will help in employment. Thus, we propose to open a legal high-yield educational business on the basis of a proven training model ( employment of 99% of graduates in IT companies ). The advantages are based on the management of a profitable legal and highly intellectual business. The basis is a ready-made working business model, promising and sustainable to market changes, absence of real competitors in the region ( according to the curriculum and the percentage of graduates' employment ), lack of IT specialists in the labor market. IT Academy is an effective source of search and training for those who already own or plan to open their own IT company. Help at all stages of the launch. Exclusive right to work in the region. It is proposed to open long-term ( from 6 months ) courses on training programmers in different areas. The form of training is day and evening. Offline and online training, own online platform with built-in CRM system.
  Looking to expand in Bulgaria
Expected Monthly Sales
USD 6 thousand
Space Required
100 - 200 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 30 - 60 thousand
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