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Newly Established Solar Products Business Seeking Loan in Mangilao, Guam

Company provides renewable energy products and services to help our island consumers get the best deal possible.
- Company based in Mangilao sells renewable energy products, operating since 2018. - Our mission is to help our island consumers get the best deal possible with our Renewable Energy Products and Services. - Have around 12 vendors from whom we procure the products. - Have installed solar lighting for more than 55 customers, solar panels for 3 customers, solar water heater for 5 customers, LED shoebox streetlights for 10 customers, LED lighting for 15 customers, battery storage for 4 customers. - We also provide services such as solar panel cleaning. Have 50 clients who take the service from us frequently. - Our assets include tools, machinery, vehicles, customer database, license and stock.
7.3   Mangilao , Guam
Run Rate Sales
USD 180 thousand
35 %
Business Loan
USD 50 thousand at 10% interest
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Cafe Franchise Opportunity

Mikel Coffee Company, Established in 2008, 240 Franchisees currently
  • 10+ introductions
  • 1000+ Page Views
  • 500+ Investor Views
Mikel Coffee Company is an international coffee shop chain. The company's course started in Greece in 2008, offering a distinctive experience in fresh coffee flavors and introducing a comprehensive and innovative customer service experience. Since then, we have witnessed rapid growth as we have outlined both the quality of the products and excellent customer service, as well as the friendly atmosphere in the network stores. Currently, the Mikel Coffee Company has over 230 stores worldwide and rapidly expanding.
8.3   Expanding in Oceania , Guam
Expected Monthly Sales
USD 44.6 - 267.4 thousand
Space Required
500 - 7500 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 200.6 thousand - 1.1 million
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Renewable Energy Equipment Franchise Opportunity

Solarpanels4u, Established in 2012, 3 Franchisees currently
  • 10+ introductions
  • 2000+ Page Views
  • 1000+ Investor Views
SP4U is a technology integrator in renewable and sustainable power generations systems. It distributes Solar and Wind power generation equipment in the latest technologies. It integrates complete and reliable, small to medium sized, non-grid electrical generations systems that include power generation, power storage and energy supply. It integrates its systems to the grid or remains standalone for urban societies, rural communities or remote locations. It deals with power generation systems from 300 watts to 50 kWh. It supplies power tools, appliances and equipment capable of operating with the solar or wind power systems it supplies. All systems, equipment, or tools are economically priced to enter into non-traditional markets, and to make energy accessible and affordable to the neediest people on earth. SP4U is a proponent of the renewable and sustainable power generation systems (decentralized power generation) specifically designed to supply energy to a farm, a house, a building, a school, a hospital, or an application onsite. Power reliability can be provided with energy storage capabilities. This approach allows development of rural land, even if the power grid has not reached or is inexistent. SP4U is a proponent of growing the power generation system in a modular manner, and in accordance to the onsite growing power requirements. It further supports the production of tools, appliances and equipment that works with DC, to reduce cost of the entire power generation, supply and usage system, for the benefit of mankind.
6.3   Expanding in Oceania , Guam
Expected Monthly Sales
USD 2.2 thousand
Space Required
2000 - 10000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 16.7 - 27.9 thousand
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Commodity Chemical Sales Partner Opportunity

LCS Services India, Established in 2013, 2 Sales Partners currently
  • 10+ introductions
  • 3000+ Page Views
  • 800+ Investor Views
LCS Service India Pvt Ltd provide 24 / 7 Safety and Emergency Response Help during Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Chemicals). The company continuously monitors the movement of trucks carrying these products through GPS and takes actions at the time of over-speeding and new routes taken by the driver. LCS Services India is currently working for Reliance. The company is looking for investor from countries across the Globe who can invest and start the business in their country. LCS Services India will provide complete technology knowledge transfer, facility setup and manpower support. We have good presence in India and looking for have our presence in various other countries.
6.7   Expanding in Oceania , Guam
Expected Monthly Sales
USD 70 thousand
Space Required
500 - 1000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 421.8 thousand - 1.1 million
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Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

Punjab Grill, Established in 2008, 9 Franchisees currently
  • 10+ introductions
  • 6000+ Page Views
  • 2000+ Investor Views
The amalgam of the royal tastes and the Sikh flavors has placed Punjab on a high culinary pedestal. The food fit for the royals! Punjab Grill refabricates experience by making it richer and modern but also keeps the old ideals at the helm. Our food is our pride - Glory from the past, promise for a better future! From Salmon Tikka to Tandoori Guchchi, from Champ Taajdaar to Raan-E-Sikandari, we offer a huge spread of some of the very best of North Indian⁄ Punjabi cuisine. Our Team is our strength! Punjab Grill – Gourmet Fine Dining is owned by Lite Bite Foods. The company was founded in the year 2001 and has achieved new heights of success ever since. Note: Franchise Agreement Term: 9 years.
8.1   Expanding in Oceania , Guam
Expected Monthly Sales
USD 100 thousand
Space Required
2500 - 6000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 246 - 351.5 thousand
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