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Computer Training Franchise Opportunity

Intita, Established in 2010, 1 Franchisee currently
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IT Academy "Intita" has been operating in the educational services market since 2010. Hundreds of programmers were trained by the professional team of Academy. We offer the opening of IT Academy "Intita" - a private educational institution for training competitive IT professionals ( programmers, web designers, QA ) whose qualifications will meet the current requirements of the IT industry and will help in employment. Thus, we propose to open a legal high-yield educational business on the basis of a proven training model ( employment of 99% of graduates in IT companies ). The advantages are based on the management of a profitable legal and highly intellectual business. The basis is a ready-made working business model, promising and sustainable to market changes, absence of real competitors in the region ( according to the curriculum and the percentage of graduates' employment ), lack of IT specialists in the labor market. IT Academy is an effective source of search and training for those who already own or plan to open their own IT company. Help at all stages of the launch. Exclusive right to work in the region. It is proposed to open long-term ( from 6 months ) courses on training programmers in different areas. The form of training is day and evening. Offline and online training, own online platform with built-in CRM system.
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Expected Monthly Sales
USD 6 thousand
Space Required
100 - 200 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 30 - 60 thousand
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