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Marine Passenger Transport Business for Sale in Bali, Indonesia

For Sale: Business involved in Ship charter services, marine tourism & villas located in Bali.
- Multi-purpose charter vessel & multi-faced ship charterers including upstream, downstream, cable, survey, NGO, disaster relief, live aboard tourism, cruises and potential ferry services. - Specifically designed as a multi-role survey & can be rapidly deployed to locations. - Head office in Denpasar, Bali including marine tourism licenses already established. - The vessel has two air compressors, 12 lt diving tanks and 3 quality tender boats suitable for shore surveys or recreational or commercial diving. - Ship facilities - can accommodate 25 people, 17 single beds, 4 double beds, Salon with tables and seating area 25 people, covered top deck seating area: 25 people, storage: 30M2, survey room: 25M2, sheltered deck space: 70M2, open deck space: 60M2, first class messing & dining services. - We have served these clients in the past - Ormen Lange Pipeline, Norwegian Government, Kangean Energy Indonesia, PT. Kararu Dive Voyages, Petronas, Conoco Phillips, Netseis - Malaysia & many more. - The business is also into villas & marine tourism programs. - We have 5 villas with cleaning facility. Also have activities like Scuba diving, Surfing, Spa, tour & travel services.
8.8   Bali , Indonesia
Run Rate Sales
USD 900 thousand
30 - 40 %
Full Sale
USD 3.8 million
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