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Food Processing Company for Sale in Johor, Malaysia

Producer and manufacturer of premium brand food & lifestyle products with distribution and retail capabilities.
- We produce and manufacture food products and supply to premium supermarkets, hotels, restaurants & cafés in the APAC region. - Also sell our products online through Lazada and we are expanding to make our products available on Shopee too. - Company is 100% foreign owned and can retain its foreign ownership without necessity to obtain approvals from relevant authorities, thereby saving valuable time, effort and costs. - Holds several active licenses attributable to its manufacturing operations, as well as numerous accreditation. - Also, own several intellectual property rights of the brand names in several territories such as Singapore, Malaysia, USA. - Ongoing concern, operational and active with long-term stable blue-chip clientele, that are receptive to innovation allowing quick business growth. - Long term business relationships and contracts with numerous high end hotels, resorts and theme parks across Malaysia, Singapore and expanding to other areas. - Extensive listings in premium supermarkets in Malaysia and Singapore. - Have also been listed for several years with the largest distributors in Singapore, Malaysia with a newly established distribution in Vietnam. - An ideal and ready vehicle for a foreign entity seeking to establish themselves in Malaysia. - Also appropriate for a local company aspiring to expand into the business of producing, supplying & distributing a niche range of exclusive & established house brand of food products.
8.9   Johor
Run Rate Sales
USD 480 thousand
15 %
Full Sale
USD 600 thousand
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