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Auto Insurance Business for Sale in Vadodara, India

An Innovative App Developed By A Start Up Which Provides Roadside Assistance Is Seeking Funds To Grow The Business.
Our mission is to cater to the Car / Bike and Garage owner’s ever changing need by providing them with effective, location friendly and easy-to-use tool. Our range of services includes - Roadside Assistance, Insurance and Garage Certification program. We are a start up which help people find roadside assistance with a simple tap on their smartphone. We assist vehicle owners with Roadside assistance anywhere, anytime during a vehicle breakdown. Our aim is to provide citizen of India with education of Road safety. The company is led by a group of young entrepreneurs who are MBAs & Engineers. We actively sign up garage owners for our Garagewala initiative who provides roadside assistance. Along with the roadside assistance we also provide an entire gamut of Motor Insurance. We promote various safety initiatives from time to time. Our main source of revenue is from the sales of garage certification program and motor insurance. Garage certification program helps garage owners effectively run the business and equip them with the knowledge / power which helps them compete with the more organized and established players. We are operating with very limited resources and have still managed to achieve significant progress. • Facebook page likes: 1,280. • Application downloads: 300. • Insurance inquiries: 18. • Geographical penetration: Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Ankleswar, and Bharuch. • Website Visits: 100 / month. • People found Roadside assistance using our app: 32.
7.2   Vadodara
Run Rate Sales
USD 100 thousand
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USD 20 thousand
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