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Asset for Sale in Udaipur, India

Government approved resort land in Udaipur, Rajasthan is for sale or joint venture.
- Sale of Land in Udaipur, Rajasthan which is one of the few that has government approval and licence to develop a resort on. - Udaipur is a hot tourist destination and a popular tourist hub of Rajasthan. Not only popular amongst foreigners and tourists from across the country, the majority of indigenous tourist traffic here hail from Gujarat. Road travel distance from Ahmedabad to Udaipur is just 5 hours, and it's common amongst Gujaratis to drive down to Udaipur even over a weekend. - This is 3.2 acres (6 bighas) of private freehold land, out of which 5 bighas i. e. 9,280 Sq M (1,00,000 Sq Ft) is converted as resort land. - This land has 600 feet frontage abutting river and a seasonal waterfall on the side, nestled in a lush green valley surrounded by mountains. -  The land boasts of its own unique topography which cannot be replicated anywhere else in Udaipur. The land contour is a combination of flat and slightly elevated land, being an ideal land contour for an exotic dream resort. -  Located within the tourist circuit of Udaipur, it is 68 kms from Udaipur City, 39 Kms from the famous Kumbhalgarh fort which is a world heritage site, 24 kms from popular Ranakpur Jain temple, and 40 kms from Haldi Ghati. -  It is a perfect nature retreat and an ultimate bliss of solitude for tourists seeking a break from the chaotic city lifestyle. - An ideal place to be a nature resort or a signature theme resort, surrounded with opportunities like rock-climbing, fishing, tracking, mountaineering, wildlife safari, star gazing, river-side meals, sun basking, bon-fire. - Other activities can be added like an infinity swimming pool by the river side, bar, restaurant, yoga and meditation hall, a golf putting range or a private pond sporting an artistic wooden bridge on it.
8.0   Udaipur
Ownership Duration
1-5 year(s)
Asset Sale
USD 1.1 million
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