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Profitable Commodity Chemicals Business Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

Engineering consultancy involved in oil and gas chemical process, power plant and water treatment industries.
- Company was established in 2012 to provide comprehensive engineering solutions for a wide range of power plant, distilleries, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical and other process plants. - We have worked with reputed Indian and international clients. Some of them are Datta Hydro Chem, Lian Chemicals, Star Refinery, Delta Mechcons, Aquatech Systems, Praj Industries. - So far we have served more than 100 clients globally and we have capability to work 60,000+ man hours a year. - Our manpower includes 16 designing engineers, 2 civil and structure engineers, 3 piping stress analysis engineers and 1 person for administration. - Planning to diversify the business by setting up chemical production plant for various commodity and specialty chemicals which will be a total of 4-5 products. - Designs for construction and products for productions are already finalized after conducting market analysis for 6 months. The products we'll manufacture will mostly be for exporting purpose and the land it yet to be finalized depending on the investment we receive. - We use software for our engineering services. So far we have spent around Rs. 1.2 Cr on four such software to deliver our services. These software helps us in our analysis process.
7.6   Pune
Run Rate Sales
USD 200 thousand
30 - 40 %
Financial Investment
USD 430 thousand for 10% stake
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