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Online Marketplace Company Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

One-stop shop (e-Marketplace) for renting and selling construction and mining equipment / machinery.
- India's First e-Marketplace for Construction & Mining Equipment (Mining, Infrastructure & Construction Equipment (M. I. C. E) industry) - First mover advantage – there is no organized platform currently which brings all the different M. I. C. E. players together. - Product developed and user trials in progress. - Leads are being generated. - Looking for seed funding to launch operations and scale up. - Approximate market size of this industry is around USD 3 Billion. - We are the first company in India to target this market. - Our differentiator is our platform's ease of use, convenience and transparent and secure facilitation of deals. - We are Amazon. com for Construction and Mining Equipment & all related products such as tyres, batteries, lubricants, spare parts, finance & insurance. - Management. *CEO & Head - Sales & Marketing has 24+ yrs of exp in enhancing Organizational Growth in Sales & Distribution and Retail. *Head – Strategy and Subject Matter Expert has 15 yrs. of experience in Infrastructure, Construction and Mining Sectors. *Head - Operations has 28 yrs of exp in Warehousing and Logistics. *Head - Technology has 20+ yrs. of IT exp. Specialty: Project & Program Management, Delivery & People Management and Process Improvement (Quality)
7.6   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 280 thousand for 25% stake
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