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Digital Marketing Company for Sale in Hyderabad, India

On-demand online business designing various products and promoting them using digital marketing.
- We are a digital marketing company that designs and promotes on-demand products on various platform including Facebook and Instagram. - Once any user clicks on the ads, our client / channel partner receives the order and they manufacture and ships the products directly to the customer. We receive commission as revenue for each of the leads generated. - Our business is operating since 2014 and has tie ups with channel partners based in US & Europe. - Company has a team of 5 highly qualified designers from NIFT to do the designs and we have a team of 16 members working with us - 5 Designers, 3 Marketing Managers, 3 Operations, 1 Programmer, 1 HR, 1 Office Manager, 2 Top Management. - Business has been set up in such a way that it requires little to no day to day management overview. - After designing we use paid media marketing & social media marketing for product sale. Through our promotional activities, we sell about 300-700 print-on-demand graphic apparel products every day. - We have created 50 Facebook pages for each category of products we market and in total, we have Facebook likes of about 5 million. We also have 300K email ids of our past buyers to whom we can sell through email marketing. - Have an asset base of over 8K graphic designs which can be reused anytime we want. - Since inception, we have generated over INR 50 Crores in revenue and sold more than 400K products.
9.3   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.7 million
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USD 1.7 million
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