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Entertainment Center Franchise Opportunity

Riddle Room, Established in 2015, 1 Franchisee currently
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Riddle room is a live escape game, a form of physical real-life adventure in which players are locked inside a room and with the help of objects found in the room, try and solve puzzles, crack codes and unearth clues in order to escape from the room within 60 minutes. The rooms are set up with a certain theme or a story-line, and require you to explore your surroundings and examine objects that you may find inside, that will lead you to more clues, eventually helping you work your way out. The adrenaline rush comes from devices you may have never seen, riddles that leave you moving in circles, teamwork that puts each individual’s. Skill to use and the thrill to make it out with time left on the clock. Escape games have gained immense popularity over the last few years as a unique and exciting means of entertainment. The concept first started out online, where. Players had to go through a logical chain of thought to complete a mission in order to find the exit in the game. Over the next few years, several spaces opened up across the world with one change-the game evolved to include a physical element of actually being present in a locked room. Recently more and more investors have realized the significant business potential of escape games. This is where Riddle Room comes into the picture. Escape games are at the intersection of themed entertainment. They combine elements of theater in the form of inheriting the role of a character in the story that. Unfolds in front of you combining gameplay and special effects to make it that much more real. People want to indulge in a more activity based form of entertainment that indulge them and engage their senses as well. For people looking to be more entertained along with a bunch of friends or in a group, experiential entertainment is the future! The novelty element about live escape games is the reality factor that’s involved. Up until now one could sit back and play different video games, this form of activity actually makes you live that game not just in the physical sense but also in real life. For all the cinematic experience that action and thriller movies provide us, it always leaves one walking out in a daze hoping to live that character at least once. With ER, here is an experience that allows you to be a protagonist in your own adventure within the safety of four walls and just for the pure rush of role-playing. Whether it’s the adept Indiana Jones with his timely sense of escaping doom or Sherlock Holmes with his genius derivatives, this form of escapism allows you to live that role for an hour.
  Looking to expand in India
Expected Monthly Sales
USD 5.7 - 6.4 thousand
Space Required
1300 - 1600 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 35.5 - 49.7 thousand
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