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Newly Established Environmental Consultancy Business Investment Opportunity in Ottawa, Canada

Revolutionized the water and waste treatment segment, looking to expand regionally and globally.
- We provide remediation of contaminated soil and waste water for clients from industrial, real estate and other diversified sector. - Early adopters for market would be big business such as Boeing, Oil and Hydro industry. - Our testing labs will be the first of its kind to be portable at the scale we are envisioning. - The Soil remediation is unprecedented in its design and will prove to be invaluable for the cost function of cleanup for contaminated areas. It will be the greenest option availability for many years to come and prove that there is a better way. - Market size has the strong potential to be global and we would first concentrate on Canada and branch out from there. - For competitors, it really is the more established companies for environmental cleanup. But they struggle with old technology and continuing pressure from the public for a greener solution. - Growth rate will be exponential once the newly established product reaches market. - We have the technology to bring it up to today's ever increasing demands and the functionality of tomorrows needs. - CEO / President has many accolades to mention. But in brief, he is in the business of environment from 18 years. Formed numerous partnerships, Government Liaison and provided Consulting service. - COO is an MBA graduate and holds over 30 years of experience in numerous industries. He has built up trust in the highest level and is known for innovative and forward thinking designs which prove to be an innovation into itself.
7.2   Ottawa
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 2 million for 7% stake
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