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Newly Established Waste to Energy Service Company Seeking Loan in Ghaziabad, India

Startup company, tied up with a US Giant for municipal waste conversion to energy.
- It's an American company seeking to establish business and set up plant in India for management of MSW to Energy, in form of fuel pellets or Power. - Project technology is approved by various Municipal Corporations. - Total cost of the project is INR 300 crores. - 80% will be financed by the American parent and balance 20% through domestic investors. - Land will be made available free by the concerned Municipal Corporation / State Govt. - Very high Govt and PM priority sector with multiple Govt. subsidies upto 30% & income tax holiday. - Power purchase agreement will be executed by State Govt, guaranteed by Central Govt. - By products can also be utilized profitably. - Intermediary product of fuel pellets in very high demand across the globe. - Very nominal working capital, as raw material is free of cost. - Highly advanced patented technology, currently not in practice in India. - Current setups in India ( 5 in Number ), not very successful in productivity and pollution control. - The Company functions through its Indian Arm. - ROI on investment is around 35%. - Company will issue preference shares with a 6% coupon rate till the implementation of the project, gestation period approx 12 months, and thereafter option of investor to continue with debt instrument or convert to equity. Assured returns on equity will be 18-20%. - Seeking domestic investment to the tune of Rs. 60 Crores. - Initial funding required of around Rs. 10 Crores for participation in Tenders Money deposits. - Total project report and financial projections will be shared only with serious investors.
7.2   Ghaziabad
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Business Loan
USD 9 million at 6% interest
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Waste Management Business Seeking Loan in Vijayawada, India

Plastic recycling, product design & development company seeking investment to expand production and product line.
- Promoter has more than 8 years work experience in the field of product design, development, plastic die making and product designing, with post graduate diploma in lean management and six sigma black belt. - We buy waste from the local vendors who collects the waste from the rag-pickers. - We recycle Polypropylene, High-density polyethylene and Low density polyethylene. - Aggregation of the waste materials is followed by sorting of the materials which is then extruded and the final product is in the form of pellets or granules. - The processed units are sold to pipe manufactures, chain manufacturers, bottle caps manufacturer etc. - We have tie ups with Telangana based companies such as Badradri Polymers, Mahashakti polymers etc. - We are working towards self sustainability by manufacturing products such as vegetable crates from the granules. - We also collect the e-waste such as computer waste followed by extracting the metals from it and processing it to form pellets. - The maximum production capacity of our machines is 90 tons / month and right now we are processing 30-35 tons per month. - We are open to business loan as well as financial investment. We can discuss this after the introduction. - We also have a product design and development company that develops unique products.
8.8   Vijayawada
Run Rate Sales
USD 150 thousand
15 %
Business Loan
USD 46 thousand at 50% interest
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